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The Democrats have been trying mightily to turn attention away from their failed economic policies as millions upon millions remain unemployed. Their latest technique over the past few months? To tell us how much better off we are that they gave billions away to save banks and auto companies.

Good segment with Neil Cavuto yesterday discussing this very thing:

All I know is that after spending hundreds of billions to rescue banks for getting reckless, a lot of them are still reckless. And a lot of em’ still aren’t lending.

Same with auto companies. We spent nearly a hundred billion smackers for them to do what they could of done on their own in bankruptcy. Shed losing divisions and restructure. Only in this case, with OUR money for a makeover. Doing the one thing they said they wouldn’t do. Restructure like a bankruptcy.

He points out that the Democrats are trying to say hey! Imagine what would of happened without the bailouts?

We’re down a net 3 million jobs, as Neil points out, but things would of been so much worse without them?


The bailouts along with Socialized health care, the sunsetting of the tax cuts, and the anti-business attitude of Obama’s only aided in allowing this economic thunderstorm to hang around so much longer than it should have. They have no one to blame any longer. No Bush to bash. (but some are still trying)

They own the economy AND the bailouts.

Pat Toomey:

All these bailouts, takeovers and spending sprees leave us with a weak economy without job growth and with a mountain of debt for our kids.

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