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This afternoon I attended the Uni-Tea Rally at Philadelphia’s Independence Mall. In the heart of a midnightblue-democrat city, I’m constantly amazed by the turnout of these rallies. I’ve witnessed numerous anti war rallies at the same location, even at the height of anti war protests in 2006-2007, their numbers never rose above anemic with a distinct lack of pigment in their ranks.

For all involved, this rally was a resounding success. The lineup of speakers brilliantly illustrated the perils we face with a President and Congress hell bent on fundamentally changing this nation. Evan McMorris-Santoro and Jillian Rayfield say differently, but what else could they say? I’m surprised TPM sent two white reporters to document the racial makeup of a teaparty. I’m am happy to note the TPM reporter, Evan Santoro, took to counting the number of patriotic minorities at our rally. His data supports what I’ve documented for the past 5 years – there are far more patriotic minorities participating in TeaParty rallies than in any Antiwar/Anti-Bush gathering – EVER.

Vanessa Jean Louis made a great point about our government’s out of control deficit spending – she tried some ‘deficit spending’ the other week with her ATM card and found that the bank would not print more money than what she had in her bank account. If only our government would follow the same basic rule – don’t spend money you don’t have.

Andrew Breitbart took time to answer questions from bloggers and reporters prior to his keynote speech. He is the champion for the TeaParty movement and is not afraid to take on bullies in the MSM.

I must give kudos to Breitbart for revealing the innate racism in the NAACP and with individuals like Shirley Sherrod. His reporting destroyed the paradigm of white racism against black people revealing an uncomfortable and ugly truth that racism is colorblind. The dude is a frakking hero in my book.

The event attracted motivated individuals and grassroot organizations looking to network. Tea Party rallies have evolved from concerned like minded citizens gathering together for support and knowledge into fun social gatherings for those not busy with other grassroot activities.

During the rally, myself and other teaparty participants discussed the numerous events scheduled over the summer, we laughed at how busy our weekends have become since the rise of the TeaParty.

At it’s height, I estimate close to 1000 people assembled to listen to the speeches and the music. A great turnout, with numbers unseen by liberal antiwar group – ever.

Uni-Tea Crowd

The teaparty ‘Juggernaut’ is alive and well, allowing liberal media hacks and political establishment to cling to racism while teaparty patriots are building coalitions and taking back this nation with each election cycle. I look forward to November, don’t you?

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