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We were Disney Orlando and during a couple of days over the last week we went to the Outlet malls. There’s one on Vineland and another at the northern tip of I-Drive. Once is a while we buy something from a name brand (I bought my wife a Coach pocketbook at the Coach outlet this week) but as we still have two kids in college most of the time we buy elsewhere. I won’t even go into Barney’s or Saks outlets. I think it costs about $50 just to walk in.

So naturally I am quite pleased when I read how Obamacare makes life so much easier for Michelle Obama:

“For moms like me, it makes our lives easier,”

“Moms like me”

Michelle Obama had led the typical Mom life. She was given a job at a law firm following graduation, she married Barack Obama and almost immediately gave up her license to practice law. She then went to work for Public Allies, where she was founding Executive Director. While I have not been able to learn Obama’s salary at Public Allies, the website does offer a hint:

Working for nonprofit organizations does not mean being poor. Unlike the humorous Onion headline “Nonprofit Organization Fights Poverty with Poverty,” many nonprofit organizations provide competitive pay and benefits for many positions.

Her salary history remains murky until Barack Obama was elected to the Senate. Then her salary tripled to $316,000 per year. Her job apparently was to divert indigent patients away from the profitable University of Chicago. Michelle Obama’s total income for 2007 was nearly $500,000.

Once Barack Obama was elected to the Presidency, Michelle resigned from her job. There is some question as to the importance of her job, since one she resigned her position was eliminated.

Other things changed as well once Michelle’s husband was elected President.

Prior to the election Michelle Obama made an issue of her being just another Mom wearing J. Crew clothing on the Leno show.

Dressed in a $148 pencil skirt, a $148 yellow and brown tank top and a $118 yellow cardigan, she seemed to be promoting both fiscal prudence and the overlooked appeal of mustard-colored clothing.

Then the continuing recession and increasing loss of jobs brought a change to Michelle Obama’s wardrobe choices. Michelle Obama wore $540 Lanvin sneakers while bagging food for hungry children. She praised Energy Department employees in a Chanel-inspired jacket. She celebrated her first year as First Lady in yet another $3000 Moschino jacket.

Just like my Mom.

Michelle Obama has had completely lost touch with the realities of life and of economics. She tells audiences

“Health reform is changing that. Under this new law, all new private plans will provide basic preventive services — things like childhood immunizations and checkups, mammograms, colonoscopies, cervical screenings, and treatment for high blood pressure — absolutely free of charge. No copay. No deductible. No co-insurance needed.”

Doctors get to go to medical school for 12 years or more so they can work for free! Manufacturers of the machines needed for these services get to make them for for free! How nice to to be in the fantasy world of Michelle Obama. It’s the utopian world of Star Trek, in which all needs have been eliminated. The problem is, these freebies come at someone’s cost. These services will have to be paid through increased insurance rates.

And worse, it’s not going to work. People don’t like going to the doctor. Carriers are not going to chase enrollees to force them to utilize services.

It’s just great that Obamacare will make the life of the First Lady much better. She needs the relief. This is the woman who is exempt from the tentacles of Obamacare, who has a personal staff of over 20 persons, who has had jobs created for her as her husband climbed the political ladder and who will make tens of millions of dollars along with her husband once he’s out of office.

Just like my Mom.

“Moms like me.”

Earth to Michelle: There are no Moms like you.

God I wish my Mom had been wealthy enough to be a liberal.

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