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In this age of public awareness, thanks solely to the information available on the internet, only a fool or a liar tries to assert that the MSM isn’t a quasi- propaganda bureau for the Obama White House; however, if the MSM would have been objective journalists and investigated Obama’s ties with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the racist Black Liberation preacher who was Obama’s spiritual mentor for twenty years, and the other unsavory characters whose true hatred of America was suppressed by a media that has boasted of its objectivity for decades, Obama would have never been elected.

Here we have the most frequent visitor to the White House, espousing his views on International Socialism:

Now that we realize that we have elected a man whose personal friends want to discard the Constitution and create an American form of Socialism, we are left feeling lost and bewildered;  wondering how long the fraud has been perpetrated against the public under the pretense of objectivity, while the majority if not all journalists put their personal political beliefs ahead of their personal obligations to honesty and integrity in being complicit in the election of America’s first Socialist. Liberals only scoff at the concept of an obligation to report news with honesty and integrity, they only owe loyalty to the “Party Line”; journalism is considered an extension of editorial opinion that includes the use of propaganda to report every nuance of news with the maximum political promotion, with no preconceptions or chivalric codes alluding to an honest reporting of the news.

In a rare reference to the Constitution, they cite the First Amendment and the enumerated freedom of the press and maintain that a journalist has the power to write freely as long as they avoid the most outrageous libels.  Therefore they answer to no one and have no fiduciary obligation to write the truth.  In their opinion, this is an obsolete concept that exists only in our minds, leaving us naively believing in the innate quality of goodness and honesty in our fellow man.

We often cite the silliness of the Utopian Obama Socialists and their willingness to believe any tripe that is passed through the Progressive Socialist Sausage Grinder; yet a slight majority of Americans were willing to drink the Obama swill drawn from his propaganda tap.  Unless we can overcome this radical infiltration of our country in November, we will lose this country to to the bizarre Dystopian Dreams of Obama and his radical associates that he barely knows, the guys who just live in his neighborhood.

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