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Reverend Jeremiah Wright, while addressing the New York Society for Ethical Culture, in New York City on September 17, 2009, praised Socialism and No-Nonsense Marxism: once again he manages to denigrate the country that has allowed him to build a personal fortune while praising the political systems of slavery, repression and death.

Americans who are not Socialists continue to wonder at the bizarre and counter productive policies of Obama and become skeptical of his message that resembles Socialism; while he steadfastly denies being a Socialist.

There are those of us who plead that if we refer to Obama as a Socialist and offer incriminating evidence we will lose the support of wavering moderates who refuse to believe that the US could elect a Marxist to the Presidency: conversely, there are those among us that believe that every shred of evidence of Obama’s covert Marxism should be exposed along with those of his family and his associates, only the dim witted “Useful Idiots” will manage to cling to the pre-election ideology of the Obama mystique.

In the second audio recording, Obama reveals his vulnerability to the charges of Marxism. Should we worry that his self-conscious ego is fragile and that he can’t handle criticism; that he deserves special treatment because of his racial status and the rather obvious fact that he is an example of an Affirmative Action graduate who has been promoted well beyond his abilities or should we pull out all the stops and persecute this fraud as an enemy of freedom, whose main goal is to redesign this country into some dubious Socialist Dystopia?

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