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You know it’s bad when Obama loses Carville. Ouch:

The White House says Carville just doesn’t understand.

Meanwhile the hole is still not plugged:

BP engineers failed again to plug the gushing oil well on Saturday, a technician working on the project said, representing yet another setback in a series of unsuccessful procedures the company has tried a mile under the sea to stem the flow spreading into the Gulf of Mexico.

BP made a third attempt at what is termed the “junk shot” Friday night, a procedure that involves pumping odds and ends like plastic cubes, knotted rope, and golf balls into the blowout preventer, the five-story safety device atop the well. The maneuver is complementary to the heavily scrutinized effort known as a “top kill,”which began four days ago and involves pumping heavy mud into the well to counteract the push of the escaping oil. If the well is sealed, the company plans to then fill it with cement.

The technician working on the project said Saturday pumping has again been halted and a review of the data so far is under way.

“Right now, I would not be optimistic,” the technician, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly about the effort. But he added, that if another attempt at the junk shot were to succeed, “that would turn things around.”

And amidst this new comes more from the “What if Bush had said it” file:

New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes was skeptical: “Can you be sure these oil tar balls are from the oil spill? Because when I used to swim on the Gulf in Texas, I’d get tar balls in my bathing suit all the time.”

Allen and Randolph, the parish president, confirmed that tar balls do wash up at other times, though these, they said, were likely from the spill.

But the president was distracted. “At some point, Jackie, we’ll want to hear more about those tar balls and your bathing suit,” Obama said, as reporters laughed.

Oh, ha ha Mr. President. Go play some hoops again as the oil spill continues….

The complete hypocrisy involved by the left and the MSM is, well, not shocking, but sad. Not shocking because we all knew they carried the water for Obama and this kind of treatment would come about….but it’s sad we were right.

Hopefully more and more “good” lefty’s like Carville will come out of the closet and throw some more well deserved darts at Obama.

McCain, on the other hand, makes an excellent point:

Is the president as serious as you once thought? “There are legitimate questions as to whether he’s out of his depth or not,” McCain says.

I don’t think there really is any question. He is seriously out of his depth.

More here.

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