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3 Amigos 2010

Yesterday Janet Napolitano completed the inept gang when she admitted she hadn’t read the new Arizona Immigration law but was against it anyway.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano admits she hasn’t read the Arizona immigration law, but passed judgment on it anyway. “That’s not the kind of law I would have signed,” she declared.

“I believe it’s a bad law enforcement law. I believe it mandates and requires local enforcement and puts them in a position many do not want to be placed in,” Napolitano said.

Barack Obama did not hesitate to weigh in when asked.

President Obama on Wednesday dismissed Arizona’s tough new anti-immigration law as a “shortcut” that will merely inflame the immigration debate “instead of solving the problem.”

In an impromptu session in the back of his plane with reporters, Obama described the Arizona law as a product of “people’s frustrations about the border.”
Of course, the Lapdog media avoided asking the One if he had actually read the law, but my money is on “No.”

Then there’s the highest ranking lawyer in the country. Eric Holder had this to say about the Arizona law:

“We are considering all possibilities, including the possibility of a court challenge,” Holder told reporters during questions at a news conference, at which he had announced a settlement with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca over its marketing of an anti-psychotic drug.

“I think that [Arizona’s] law is an unfortunate one,” he said. “I think that it is, I fear, subject to potential abuse. And I’m very concerned about the wedge that it could draw between communities that law enforcement is supposed to serve and those of us in law enforcement. “

Subsequently, when asked if he’d actually read the law, Holder said

I have not had a chance to, I’ve glanced at it. I have not read it.

… I have not really, I have not been briefed yet.

… I’ve only made, made the comments that I’ve made on the basis of things that I’ve been able to glean by reading newspaper accounts, obviously, looking at television, talking to people who are on the review panel, on the review team that are looking at the law.

So Holder has no problem opposing a law he has not read.

There is no question that the Arizona law was written out of frustration with the Federal government not doing its job to secure the borders. But catch this:

The Arizona law was written, in fact, to mirror federal law and court decisions. The requirement for foreigners to carry identification has been part of federal law for 70 years. Standards for “reasonable suspicion” of illegal presence in the United States were delineated by the Supreme Court decades ago.

This is what Barack Obama calls “misguided.” He said the law “threatened to undermine basic notions of fairness.”

That’s pretty strong language for a law that is merely a state version of current federal law and it speaks miserably of those who are supposed to enforce our laws and maybe even understand those laws. It speaks worse of the braindead celebrities and sports figures who have made such a show of their opposition.

And this disease is spreading. In the Miss USA pageant Miss Oklahoma was asked about her position on the Arizona immigration law by Oscar Nunez. One cannot help but wonder if her answer cost her the title. The winner of the title, Rima Fakih, a Muslim, was not asked if she believed that Islamic radicalism was a cause of terrorism. Why not?

The President of the United States calls the law “unfair.” The Attorney General questions its Constitutionality. The Director of Homeland Security says this is not the kind of law she would sign. It’s nothing more than existing Federal law. What’s wrong with these people? It must take a significant amount of intelligence to be this ignorant.

To paraphrase Casey Stengel, “You look up and down this adminstration and you have to say to yourself, ‘Can’t anybody here play this game?’