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The tales of woe and of her destruction came hot and heavy after she left her post as Governor of Alaska due to the frivilious lawsuits sent her way by lunatic liberals. But as David Carr illustrates (with his snarky liberal digs included), Sarah Palin did everything but fade away:

When Sarah Palin made her debut as the host of “Real American Stories” on Fox News on Thursday night, she described several triumphs of regular people over insurmountable odds, but she missed an obvious one: her own.

After her failed bid for the vice presidency, she was more or less told to head back to Alaska to serve out her term as governor — a kind of metaphorical kitchen.

Instead, she quit her day job and proceeded to become a one-woman national media empire, with the ratings and lucre to show for it.

With its tales of uplift and pluck, “Real American Stories” trades in the kind of easy sentimentality that provokes eye rolls among those of us who work in media while quickening the pulse and patriotic ardor of almost everyone else. At the beginning of the show, Ms. Palin promised that it would “reaffirm our pioneering spirit and unmatched generosity, here and around the world.”

And so it did, with two million people tuning in.


Her appeal doesn’t stop at the red states. When Ms. Palin stopped by to chat with Oprah Winfrey — not exactly friendly territory — the show achieved its biggest ratings in two years.

Ms. Palin didn’t go on the show to run for president as much as to become the next Oprah. And it seems to be working.


“America is exceptional! It’s not her politicians that make her so; it’s her everyday people and the values Americans hold so dear,” she said on her Facebook page, which, by the way, has 1.5 million fans.

I’ve snipped much of the smug prose from the liberal writer but if your up to it you really should read the whole thing, just to get a feel for why Sarah is so popular. It’s writers like this, and talking heads like Matthews, and politicians like Reid, who force vast swaths of this country to turn to someone real and honest like Palin.

In the end I have to agree with Matthew Continetti here:

Critics will criticize. Democrats will attack. But Palin may have found her niche as the cult figure who mobilizes conservatives and conservative-leaning independents to the barricades. And as she’s said, she doesn’t need an office to progress this movement.

And mobilize she has done.

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