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With all the attention focused on Healthcare D-Day, I didn’t realize that the circus was coming to town this past weekend in “celebration” of the 7th anniversary of OIF.

Donald Douglas was there to take some pictures of the LA-edition of the freak show carnival.

Some of the ANSWER tools are still protesting like it’s 2003-6; they seem to think there’s still a war going on in Iraq and that Bush is still in power:

And then there are those anti-American radicals/communists/conspiracists/terrorist sympathizers so far out of the mainstream, they are most likely unimpressed with the “watered-down” version of Pelosified Obamacare Reidform that passed this weekend:

Just remember, the comparison of Obama to Hitler isn’t coming from the right:

And, aye carumba…it’s been a busy weekend of protests!

All photos taken by Donald Douglas

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