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I am one of those “typical Americans” who has lived much of my life in a political dead zone. Life has been good, and “Politics” have been in the distant background most of my life. There were stretches when I didn’t even vote. I was oblivious.

Fast forward to 2008. I smelled snake oil with Obama and I couldn’t put my finger on it, other than the shady connection with ACORN. At that time I was only getting my news from the lame stream media. The week before the election my brother & I were celebrating our birthdays, and I realized that everyone in the room (except me) was seized by the fever of Obamamania. And then my brothers liberal girlfriend singled me out by saying “with your feelings about guns do you have to vote for McCain?” Bitch, I thought. Time to educate myself about what I knew I didn’t like, but was unable to articulate.

I began to realize that it was a luxury to take for granted our constitution and all the freedoms that I enjoyed. Perhaps in the past I was living in a more innocent time. Or perhaps not. But today that luxury has vanished. Today we must be vigilant to the forces that are FAST at work to destroy our way of life.

Now I understand how insidious this president, and all the radical leftists he surrounds himself with, really is. I can more readily recognize his deeds, and his blatant disregard for the constitution that is crafted to constrain him and the congress. I can see that no president has the power to fire the CEO of a private corporation. There is no authority to take over a car company & blow off the stock holders & hand the keys to the UAW. There is no company who is too big to fail. There is no debt that can be resolved by borrowing more money to become solvent. There is no such thing as zero consequences for reckless deficit spending and printing trillions of dollars of freshly minted paper, with nothing to back it up but more debt to China. Capitalism is not a bad thing, our country has grown & prospered because of it. The quickest way to kill our economy is to insist on policies of “equality” which really mean redistribution of wealth. There is no constitutional mandate to require citizens to purchase any good or service simply because they are citizens. There is no country on this planet with open borders. There is no sense in pushing “climate” legislation based on junk science. There is no morality in using executive orders to bypass congress to allow the EPA to set restrictive economically stifling rules about carbon emissions. The is no logic in designating carbon dioxide, the gas we breathe out of our own bodies with every single breath as hazardous!! It is insanity for our own government to power grab our lands and waterways and to refuse to allow our own abundant gas & oil reserves to be explored and used responsibly for our own country’s welfare, while we are simultaneously loaning Brazil billions of our tax dollars to drill for oil in their country. And to turn a blind eye to Islamic extremism even in our own military, just for “political correctness” is one of the stupidest things in the 21st century, to be sure. And it is nothing but tyranny to hear that our own government is contemplating taking over our private IRAs & savings “for our own good” because we must be too stupid to manage our own money. This is so Orwellian that even George’s head must be spinning!

“if you are not outraged then you are not paying attention!!!” I wish for my 20~something niece and her generation to be aware. To be vigilant. To be stewards of our future. I want her and all of us to be smart and strong and educated. All Americans who treasure liberty & freedom must never forget that freedom & liberty once lost are rarely restored.

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