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I’m back from CPAC and I see Curt and Mike  have been busy posting videos of choice main ballroom speeches from CPAC. I will be eternally grateful to them.

Let me tell you the most important lesson I learned covering CPAC – netbooks  are terrible for blogging, video editing and photo editing.  I found to my great dismay that the best I could do was Twitter and check email with this #$@^$% netbook.

That being said I’ve got loads of exclusive videos, photos and stories to share with you now that I’m back home with access to a real computer.

Long blog post after the cut:

Let’s start with Breitbart VS Blumenthal confrontation at CPAC.  I’m sure many of the Flopping Aces readers have seen the video of Andrew Breitbart and Larry O’Connor confronting Max about his smear campaign against James O’Keefe:

Andrew and Larry demolish Max in this video, but wait, there is more! Two liberal ‘journalists’  and one left wing activist tried their best to swing at Andrew:

First up is Tommy Christopher, a freelance writer and contributor to Mediaite. He interviewed Andrew post Blumenthal smack-down. You can view the video HERE. His question to Andrew revolved around reports noting James O’Keefe’s selection of pimp costumes having racial overtones. WTF?  This is a great example of the due diligence journalists are applying to the ACORN scandal. Ignore the fact that ACORN has several employees well versed in setting up child prostitution rings, James O’Keefe is a raaaaacist because of his choice in clothing. I cannot believe I allowed Tommy to use my #$%^$@ Netbook to upload this crappy video!

The next two encounters I caught on video, so the quality is far superior than that of Tommy’s video. I got wind of the rumored Breitbart/Blumenthal encounter while twittering in the bloggers lounge. I headed to lobby and came across a familiar face, Philadelphia liberal activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins. He is a member of the organization called One People Project.  When I walked over, he was on the losing side of a debate with Breitbart . The debate concluded with Daryle calling a Breitbart a raaacist. #racecard!

Daryle’s organization, One People Project, has a  sinister subproject entitled ‘Rogues Gallery’. The Gallery contains  biographies of conservatives or anyone they perceive to be “on the right’. These biographies include personal information such as home addresses.  A Free Republic post from 2002 copied the instructions given to members for compiling information for the Rogues Gallery. I am posting the details in full:

We do not share this information to encourage people to engage in criminal acts against certain people or groups. There are other ways to handle them if one feels they need to, although it will depend on how one prefers to approach a situation. Some of the information may be very useful in a trial if any of the groups and/or individuals we are documenting are being sued or charged with a crime. We do recognize however that going to law enforcement is not a favorable approach for some people as law enforcement has had a history of oppression (and right-wing activity) themselves. Other ways information can be used has been in relation to political campaigns, boycotts, calling a religious organization to task, and/or simply to educate the neighbors and colleagues.

We look for the following:

Photos or videotapes of persons, their car, their house, friends, and anything else of interest (as many and as recent as possible). Photos are important especially if we are planning a Rogues’ Gallery entry. Photos of family members are also useful but depending on the circumstances will not be published. Children will never be published.

Current and past personal data including date and place of birth, home and business addresses and phone numbers, Social Security numbers, automobile plate numbers, names and birth dates of spouse(s), children and friends. Again, certain information, such as Social Security numbers, while extremely helpful, will not be published.

Criminal records, including driving record, mug shots, and fingerprint card.

Civil suit record, including informative depositions and divorce file (if any).

Any upcoming court appearances.

Newspaper clippings, news videos.

Statements of factual interest from investigators or progressives who have had regular dealings with the people in question.

Notes, journals, or diaries.

Any events that may be taking place in the future. Don’t assume that material you have is already in our hands or that it is not the kind of material we need. It is easier to deal with duplicates or to dispose of material that cannot be used than it is to try to track these folks with anything short of all the material we can collect.

Some persons may have been involved with these groups and individuals in the past and may also wish to share information. Again all sources are kept confidential and we mean this especially of any person in this category. Feel free to do so by referring to the list above, but remember that the information in order to be effective has to be confirmed in some way.

And liberals cry about lost privacy with the Patriot Act…

A quick search on the Wayback Machine yields more information on the character of Daryle Lamont Jenkins. What a classy bigot!

How did I recognize him at CPAC? Daryle was present at Joey Vento’s Human Rights Commission ‘Trial  in 2007 and so was I:

Directly after Daryle storms away in anger, a Salon correspondent named Mike Madden queries Breitbart on the topic of imaginary sex slavery in relation to the ACORN scandal:

What makes this particular story amusing is earlier in the day, Mike was photographed reading in the Media area.  I posted the photo of his Breitbart fanboy moment along with my uncut video of their exchange on MidnightBlue.  My expose must have annoyed him as he posted a tweet about the photo:

I’m not feeling the love from this guy at all.

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