Posted by Skye on 21 February, 2010 at 9:42 pm. 23 comments already!

The drama did not end with Breitbart slamming all comers at CPAC. Susie (Medea) Benjamin was called out as she and her partner Tighe Barry snuck into the ballroom while Beck was finishing up his speech.

Towards the end of Glenn Beck’s keynote speech while I was busy tweeting on my @#$%@# netbook, Doug Welch (Stix Blog) mentioned to me that he just saw Code Pink walk through Bloggers Lounge towards steps leading to the floor of the ballroom. I immediately grabbed Doug, notified Caleb Howe and encouraged other bloggers to head out into the ballroom in search of Code Pink. With in a few minutes, I spotted Susie (Medea) Benjamin walking with Tighe and carrying a huge pink purse. Yelling her name to get the attention of her and my blogging buddies, I asked her what was the going rate of an IED. I cannot see how any real woman could rename herself after a mythological woman who exacted revenge on her husband by murdering their children. I wonder if Susie (Medea) Benjamin/ Code Pink is continuing the myth by facilitating the murder of US sons and daughters by sending cash and aid to al-queda in Iraq?

You know she did not sneak in through the bloggers lounge to satisfy her desire to listen to Glenn Beck. In order to access the lounge you had to have a credential, she had no credentials on her person when we called her out. I am absolutely certain she was planning some disruption and the actions of alert bloggers stopped her.

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