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White House talking heads are confused and disorganized:

“People are working harder,” White House senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” referring to the economy. “If they have a job, they’re working harder for less. They’re falling behind. That’s been true for a decade. They look at a wave of irresponsibility from Wall Street to Washington that led to that. And those were the frustrations that got the president elected in the first place, and they were reflected again on Tuesday” in the Massachusetts election.

“Instead of fearing what may happen, let’s prove that we have more than just the brains to govern—that we have the guts to govern. Let’s fight like hell,” Mr. Plouffe wrote, striking the same chord Mr. Obama did at a town-hall meeting in Ohio Friday and likely will Wednesday in his first State of the Union address.

On “Meet the Press,” White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said, “What we learned from the Massachusetts victory is that people are sick and tired of Washington not delivering for them.”

NYT Frank “I’m a Moron” Rich took his shots at begging Obama to actually DO something with all this power the Dems have.

It’s too late to rewrite that history, but it may not be too late for White House decisiveness. Whatever happens now — good, bad or ugly — must happen fast. Each day Washington spends dickering over health care is another day lost while the election-year economy, stupid, remains intractable for Americans who are suffering.

MSNBC’s uber partisan cable TV talking head, Ed “Don’t Adjust Your Volume, It’s My Shrill” Schultz, got into it w Obama’s Press Sec, Robert Gibbs. They started calling each other names, dropping F-bombs on each other, and that’s what passes for political allies in the DNC circles these days!
Politico cites several examples of how the DNC’s run-to-mommy political crutch of the past 10 years is no longer useful, and claimed that Bush-bashing was a waste of time. Then the next day, James “Cryptkeeper” Carville writes in FT…that Dems haven’t learned to blame Bush enough (yeah, I know…I laughed too). Meanwhile, the gay community which thought Obama was O-fabulous during his years of campaigning (all the while ignoring his beauty contest position on Gay Marriage) is also getting pissed off-this time about his continuing to make homosexuality a crime in the military.

But my absolute, no holes barred, complete, total example of Dem on Dem bashing comes from a whiner over at Common[ist] Dreams. It’s a huge huge read filled with all the usual far leftwinger nutroots wackjob bullshit you’d expect (and…that is becoming more and more laughable), but this writer takes Obama to task like nothing I have ever seen before.

There’s only one political party in the entire world that is so inept, cowardly and bungling that it could manage to simultaneously lick the boots of Wall Street bankers and then get blamed by the voters for being flaming revolutionary socialists.

It’s the same party that has allowed the opposition to go on a thirty year scorched earth campaign, stealing everything in sight from middle and working class voters, and yet successfully claim to be protecting ‘real Americans’ from out-of-touch elites.

It’s the same party that could run a decorated combat hero against a war evader in 1972, only to be successfully labeled as national security wimps.

Just to be sure, it then did the exact same thing again in 2004.

It’s the same party that stood by silently while two presidential elections in a row were stolen away from them.

How ‘bout dem Dems, eh?

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen…there are 281 days left until the midterms. Since 2006 Democrats have been running out of promises, taking ownership of issues, using up their excuses, and now…the wheels are coming off the hippie bus. EVERYONE from one end of the spectrum on the far right to those on the far left, EVERYONE is saying it’s time to put up or shut up. It’s time to either make people’s lives better or go down hard.

No one is settling for excuses. “Bush’s fault” doesn’t cut it anymore ’cause whether or not true…it’s more true that it’s Dems’ responsibility now. Blaming all the world’s ills on Iraq doesn’t cut it since Dems ain’t pulling out now that they’re responsible for the after effects of premature evacuation. “We Inherited XYZ” doesn’t calm down the gay rights advocates who wonder why Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell is still a policy. “Give the man a chance” doesn’t wash in year 2 of a presidency. Republicans blocked this and that doesn’t work when the next question is, “How many votes does it take to have a filibuster?” Obama and the Dems are outta viable excuses.

They have 281 days to prove-no…TO EARN their jobs or they will be let go in exchange for people who can’t do any worse. Yes, that means President Obama too for he has 281 days until he either does something or becomes a lame duck.

Oh, and let’s not kid ourselves, if the real unemployment rate in the country is 15-18%…does anyone think those unemployed are gonna re-elect Dems? That 15-18% voting block is huge when considering most elections are already won and lost by far less than that percentage.

Again…White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said, “What we learned from the Massachusetts victory is that people are sick and tired of Washington not delivering for them.”

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