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Recall these words from Obama in the first weeks of his administration:

He didn’t put the health care bill on CSPAN, and now his AG is refusing to release documents regarding the decision to drop the complaint against the Black Panthers: (h/t Hollywood Gumshoe)

The Justice Department, citing privilege claims, has refused to release e-mails and other documents sought under an open records request by The Washington Times to explain its decision last year to dismiss a civil complaint accusing the New Black Panther Party of intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place.

In a letter, the department said that while 69 documents totaling 135 pages were responsive to the Freedom of Information Act request for information on how and why the decision to dismiss the complaint was made, they were being withheld because of “deliberative process” and “attorney work-product” privilege exemptions.

“For your information, the withheld material includes e-mails between officials in the Civil Rights Division and the Office of the Associate Attorney General regarding the litigation strategy, drafts of court filings and briefing materials related to the subject of your request,” said Carmen L. Mallon, chief of staff in the department’s office of information policy.

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