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In the heartbreaking story of the earthquake in Haiti the survivors’ hope for good news has faded to a glimmer while horror and heartbreak remain strong and overpowering.

The darkest moment of Michel Joassaint’s life had to be when she realized that her baby girl, just 11 days old, was trapped beneath the rubble of their home – trapped so deeply in the rubble that rescue was not possible at that moment.

Seven days later, a French team returned to the house to search for the body of the baby.

Instead of the gruesome discovery they expected, they heard faint cries.

No one believed that Elisabeth Joassaint could have lived as the family home was crushed by the weight of its upper storey.

It was a full seven days later that a French rescue team returned to the ruins to search for the baby’s body – and heard faint cries.

Incredibly, Elisabeth was alive in a tiny hollow beneath the devastation, still lying on the bed where her mother Michelene had placed her moments before the quake hit on January 12.
Yesterday Mrs Joassaint, 22, sat in the shade of a makeshift tented hospital, clutching Elisabeth and giving thanks for what she called ‘a miracle and the mercy of God.’

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The grieving couple were living on a football field when a messenger from the French team arrived to say Elisabeth was alive and they were working to free her.

‘I just cried and ran to my baby,’ Mrs Joassaint said, ‘I just could not believe she had been spared or that one so new to life, with so little strength, could have survived the collapsing walls with no injury at all.’

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Relief: Elisabeth with her mother Michel who had believed she was dead for seven days

The baby’s rescue follows the astonishing story of a seven-year-old boy named Kiki who had been trapped for eight days.

He was pulled free with his arms wide open and eyes sparkling with joy to be handed over to his weeping mother’s embrace.

He and his elder sister Sabrina were in their home in Port-au-Prince when the devastating earthquake struck Haiti last week.

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