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There’s only so much an Alinsky machine can do. Obama’s “Organizing for America” has evidently worn out it’s less than personal welcome in MA. Despite “volume” activism, timing and message missed the mark by a wide margin.

Coakley’s campaign was aided by Obama-offshoot Organizing for America and voter-turnout wizard Lynda Tocci, who orchestrated Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire primary upset. But many Democrats privately complained that the organization did not begin to focus seriously on the ground game until late last week.

Meanwhile, field workers furiously recruited party operatives in Worcester, Quincy and Boston, where Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s vaunted organization was called to action at the last minute, several insiders complained.

“They didn’t reach out ’til late,” said one top Democratic operative. “They hadn’t even been in the field and they didn’t know (Brown) was closing in.”

Menino was blunt when asked how the contest is going.

“It’s going,” he said.

When it came to volume of phone calls, the Democratic machine hit it’s stride… making more than 1 million calls to targeted voters in the last 48 hours of the election. The problem? According to recipients, it was hard to discern the thrust of the message from sheer harassment.

Coakley’s camp features an automated dial-out system that eases the job of volunteers who manned the lines at 60 regional call centers yesterday. But some irritated Coakley voters complained they were being bombarded by calls.

Part of the hazards of success… especially that which came so effortlessly to the Dems with the Obama machine… is that it can make you complacent. What worked so well, and was casually implemented on the belief that everyone agreed with the O’agenda, now isn’t working so well.

What the O’machine didn’t bargain with is human’s opinions “change” and are not a status quo slogan or situation. And right along that that alteration of opinion comes a deterioration in their perceived “mandate”.

When, late in the game, they realized what was easily presumed theirs was slipping from their grasp, the WH resorted to previously successful methods – never accommodating for the people’s “change”. They were oblivious to media, tea party protests, and polls, and yet expected the same results as in 2007-08.

Their self-perceived error? If the campaign machine didn’t start indoctrinating early, slowly, and regularly, they were no longer in control of the message.

Instead the “change” campaign machine found the results of status quo methodology “changed” before their eyes. All which begs the question, at what point do they realize that humans are simply not that programmable friendly?


In the meantime, the Brown campaign… sans the big DNC money machine… depended upon old school: face to face, pavement pounding volunteers that previously were the hallmarks of the Obama campaigns. And despite not having the coffers of Coakley, they went the extra mile and hired 100 temp workers to put extra personnel on the ground.

Brown’s get-out-the-vote push centered on the Web initiative, urging supporters to bring supporters to the polls.

The Brown campaign called about 125,000 voters per day this weekend, while a group of 150 volunteers knocked on doors in 75 cities and towns, officials said.

Make no mistake, the Coakley campaign out numbered, out financed, and out manned the Brown team. It’s the classic money/manpower vs principle/issue in MA today today.

Now what remains to be seen is what makes a bigger impact on the MA voters. But despite the voter tallies, the erosion to the Obama/Axelrod/Alinsky machine is indelible.

In the event of a huge Dem failure, all efforts at power redemption fall into the lap of Al Franken election and Dem attorney, Marc Elias. It will be his task to pull another victory out of election failure, without destroying what’s left of Dem credibility.

Taking bets now…. because “franken’ly”… it’s not looking so good this time around.

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