Posted by Esdraelon on 15 January, 2010 at 8:00 am. 5 comments already!

Folks, Obama has not yet been in office yet a year and he has already created a deliberate chaos in this country to force more unfortunates to cry for more government largess. He turns around instead and gives it to the big boys and girls, repays his lackeys, and helps the Democrats in their scheme to set things where they will be able to stay in power come what may.

Still, one cannot accuse Obama of being stupid, and with a 47% approval rating, and dropping fast, coming off two bad loses in Virginia and New Jersey, and another almost loss in New York that should not even have been close, two loses in Copenhagen, one to bring the Olympics to his beloved hood: Chicago, and the other to get a grievous ‘global warming’ consensus from the worlds high and mighty.

With another election coming up Tuesday, trust me, folks, he is readin’ them tea leaves, and what he sees ain’t good.

The latest is his ignoring the entreaties of Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley who is in a dead heat with Republican Scott Brown begging off that he has other things already scheduled for next week.

My guess would be that he has some back room arm twisting and further deals with the democrats in the House to either pass that damn health care bill as he is telling them to or suffer the consequences, which is the devil himself, Scott Brown.

On the heels of “New Jobless Claims Rising More Than Expected”, right after a White House press release declaring the stimulus bills a success, but at the same time blaming their inability to govern because of ‘outdated computers’, Obama don’t need no tea leaves to tell him the lay of the land.

The Democrats are nervous, nervous about a election that just a few weeks ago they though they had in lock-down. Good grief, it’s Teddy Kennedy’s seat. HIS seat, hero of Chappaquiddick. They are even bringing out video tributes to old Ted’s pursuit of health care legislation. Nervous old biddies.

Obama though, he ain’t going out there for nobody just to catch a handful of oreo cookies.