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Don’t look now.  The news has just hit that Scott Brown is within striking distance of Martha Coakley in the race for the Senate Seat in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Rasmussen’s poll of likely voters has seen Democrat Coakley’s lead shrink from 30 % to 9%.  The special election is coming in two short weeks.  He is absolutely committed to stopping this health care monstrosity in the Senate, and, if elected, he would be that 60th vote guaranteeing the protection of filibuster!  He is also opposed to Federal funding for abortion and several other items of interest to pro-life voters.  The time is NOW to act.

‘What can I do?’ you may ask, ‘I don’t live in Massachusetts’.  Easy:  send CASH at his website.  Call relatives in MA and ask them to go get an absentee ballot now.  Pass this post on or post or write yourself somewhere accessible to Bay State voters.

We’ve had enough DOWNS; let’s have some UPS with BROWN that isn’t B.S.  Let’s get this country moving again!

Just do it.  Now.

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