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Okay… tooooo priceless to let this one go without a link. SeaTac TSA agents nabbed themselves a live one yesterday. None other than former Beret/military blogger-journalist extraordinaire, Michael Yon. Oh my word…. Apparently, Yon was coming into the States from Hong Kong for a family visit when TSA eyed his knapsack, and ushered him thru a security screening.

But apparently it wasn’t enough to merely examine his bags and find nada… nothing… of interest to a terrorist. Like they’d need a toothbrush to blow themselves up? Then the questions got personal… and Yon decided to remain silent. That didn’t sit so well with the frustrated TSA types. I mean, we’re talking handcuffs, folks!

Is this the face of a terrorist?

Big Government’s got the exclusive interview…

Read it and weep… clowns to the left of us, bozos to the right. That’s our national security in action all right.

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