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Newt gave a great speech….well, at least this segment of it, at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend last November. Especially now after The Crotch Bomber: (h/t From Sea To Shining Sea)

It ends with this, after telling the story of George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware:

I want you to go away from here, after this weekend, and look every successful person you know in the eye, and look every patriot in the eye, and tell them. There are young men and women risking their lives all around this planet. In uniform, in the State Department, in the intelligence community, so we can be free. Don’t tell me how much you given. Don’t tell me how tired you are. Don’t tell me how frustrating it is. This country was created by people who are willing to say victory or death while marching in burlap bags in the middle of snow storm. We’re going to have to find those people again, we’re going to have to run people for five hundred and thirteen thousand offices, in both parties. We’re going to have to isolate and crush the secular socialist left and we’re going to have to replace their failed system with systems that succeed. This is work George Washington would of approved of. And this is work you need to take seriously for the next three years so we can give our children and grandchildren the greatest, freest, most prosperous country in history.

I disagree with the man some of the time but he still has a lot to offer the Republican party and conservatives in general. He has made mistakes, like Scozzafava, or praising Obama when no praise was deserved. But in general he has the country, and our party, at heart.

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