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Isn’t it ironic that the more the nation turns “pro-life” and an ever-increasing majority recognizes how bad the monstrous health care plan is the more certain ‘conservative’ or ‘pro-life’ Democrats are caving in on these very issues? These are times that try men’s souls apparently. What sort of moral foundation of principles have you built for yourself when you so loudly declare something about your core beliefs and then so easily betray them exactly when support is building among the people you serve?!? Such historic crossroads as we face now certainly provide a test of all that.

Senator Nelson from Nebraska is the prime case du jour; he has not only accepted what is bribery in all but name (the Cornhusker Kickback), but he has accepted the so-called “Casey compromise” on abortion which puts the lie to all he has said in recent days. Casey produced a list of “faith” groups that support his euphemisms, but the US Bishops and all authentic pro-life groups have seen through the ruse. It effectively provides the opportunity for massive Federal funding for abortion. (See here and here)

Yes, as indicated above, Senator ‘CASEY JUNIOR’ of Pennsylvania (son of the that brave Senator Casey who experienced being blackballed at his own convention in 1992 and other real sacrifices for remaining true to his Faith) was way ahead of Nelson in betraying pro-life conservatives. He is opting for the same ‘symbolism-over-substance’ ploy used by Obama at Notre Dame. The Catholic Center Party in Germany during the 1930’s fell to this same tactic; they received reassuring ‘language’ from the National Socialists in return for some absolutely key votes that effected the transfer of power, which in turn negated any of the empty rhetoric used to co-opt them. It’s possible none of the disaster that followed would have happened if it weren’t for the ‘compromise’ of Franz von Papen and company.

We have every right to judge our representatives on such bases. True, only the “Judge of he living and the dead” has the right to assess the worth and ultimate destiny of anyone, but we have not only the right but the DUTY to assess their moral probity in carrying out their service to US. As I said last year regarding Barack Obama, we are “hiring” them and we have the right to take into account their moral standards as part of our assessment.

What do you say about the moral standards of “representatives” who act in such a way? I obviously do not want to vote for someone who espouses political views that directly oppose mine. That’s the easy part. Many commentators recently have realized that party politics are now in order. That is the judgment I think we have to make now. The Democratic Party is now so thoroughly infected by the Marxist, anti-life virus, that true pro-lifers and patriots must in good conscience now reject the label, though that would certainly not, as usual practice, be the modus operandi for believers. Such are the strange times we live in. Perhaps more patriotic, pro-life Democrats should follow the lead and logic of Representative Griffith of Alabama and abandon the Democratic Party all-together!

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