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Rather an odd Christmas story comes from Breitbart’s Big Government site today… photos taken, per the article, days ago of the White House Blue Room Christmas tree.

The photos include that of a Chairman Mao ornament…

An autographed ornament of legendary transvestite Hedda Lettuce

And of course, one of “da won” himself, superimposed onto Mt. Rushmore..

Personally this smelled more like “The Onion” to me… But there is credibility since these ornaments are the product of the controversial designer, Simon Doonan, who was pegged as the overseer of the Blue Room tree design this year.

Obese elf Simon Doonan will apply his trade at the White House this Christmas as the Obamas’s official holiday decorator. His plans remain a secret, but we do know there will be a tree and art made by children (always a crowd pleaser). Hopefully Doonan takes some tips from his own home and includes at least one huge statue of a foot.

Considering his choice of ornaments, it was probably best his plans “remain a secret”…. In fact, the White House chose not to publicly confirm their choice of Doonan even as of late November.

Oddly enough, Wikipedia has a page on the White House Blue Room’s Christmas …. holiday….tree history, as well as a few notes on controversy. Though no controversy notes are added for this Mao/Obama-on-Mt.Rushmore news revelation as of yet, they do disclose that this year’s tree theme was “Reflect, Rejoice, Renew”.

Hum… “Rejoice” in Mao? “Renew” life as a transgender?? “Reflect” on redesigning Mt. Rushmore to include Obama? Doonan has an acerbic sense of humor, indeed.

The grandiose in scope theme is in keeping with a man continually draping himself in lofty illusions of “hope and change”. It’s also noticable how distant the chosen subject is in simplicity from the general good will of the season noted from prior themes… such as ornaments from American Folk Art, hand crafted natural ornaments, angels, the 12 days of Christmas, Holiday in the National Parks or Mother Goose.

Controversy, though not prevalent during the history of Christmas tree themes, is not entirely absent either. Prior controversial decorations included Clinton’s 1995 tree with an ornament designed by architectural student, Rene Spineto with two stockings… one marked “Bill” filled with candy and presents, and another marked “Newt” filled with coal. The Clinton’s hung the ornament.

In 2008, a Seattle artist, Deborah Lawrence, submitted a nine inch ball in red-white-blue with the words emblazoned “Impeach Bush”….. she went out on a limb, but her ornament didn’t. Certainly a mean spirited Christmas offering hardly keeping with the holiday tradition of good will towards men.

One can say this… the Obamas’ choice of both designer and ornaments certainly “reflects” the current occupants of the WH. And I, for one, will indeed “rejoice” if their occupancy is not “renewed” in the future.

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