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This coming January 19th, there is a special election in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat. There are 3 candidates: Republican State Sen. Scott Brown, Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley, and Independent Joe Kennedy, who is not related to the well-known clan. The turnout for the primaries on December 9th, was barely 11%, and Coakley presently leads in the polls.

If this seat goes to Brown, the Democrats loose their 60th seat, and will no longer be able to break a Republican filibuster.

I looked around, and noticed that this is being kept very quiet in the media. Then I wondered why? It occurs to me that they know damn well how pissed of American’s are, especially Conservatives.

BTW, Scott Brown is one hell of a conservative candidate.

I wonder if they are trying to keep this race off the TeaParty radar? I wonder what will happen if it DOES get on that radar?

Let’s help! Let’s all send e-mails to our friends, family, and anyone else you can think of to start spreading the word about this race. If NY-23 was deemed critical, this is even more so. Call and e-mail your local TeaParty and Republican offices and get them motivated! Write Scott Brown to see if you can help with phone-calls or anything else he needs from us. Let’s hear from some of those experienced with campaigning to give us some more ways to help him win this.

We need less than 60 Dems NOW, and we can’t wait for next November. LET’S ROLL!!

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