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Thanks to all that played. As most of you know the publisher of Glenn Beck’s book, The Christmas Sweater: A Picture Book: (Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing)


gave Flopping Aces five books to give away to some lucky readers….so we had a caption contest. The five best caption’s for the below picture:



GW – It was only then that Tiger realized his wife might have learned of his affairs

scr_north – Just…Need….To….Hold……On……Until……Public…….Option

Chris –After subtle persuasion from Obama’s Chicago friends, Joe Liberman decides that maybe the healthcare bill isn’t all that bad of an idea

janeplain – Obama isn’t the only one who knows how to stage a crisis

Davey – See, I told ya’. I’m in a heck of a mess and it’s Bush’s fault. See, right there by the ladder! BUSH!!!

Congrats to the winners!

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