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“I cannot think of anything, domestically, that would do more harm to our country and to the people of our country, and to future generations, than the health care bill thats being promoted right now. Nobody in this country wants this defeated more than I do.”
-U.S. Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl

The Arizona Senator made the statement on the heels of this:

Tea Party Support ( ) and the Social Security Institute ( ) joined forces yesterday to blast out a million-and-a-half email messages asking people to demand that Republican Senators stop assisting Harry Reid to ram ObamaCare and the Reid health bill through the Senate by year’s end.

Social Security Institute President Lawrence Hunter apparently sent out an email to whip up the torches and pitchfork branch of the angry-as-hell-kick-the-RINOs-out conservative movement:

“The campaign continues today, and we won’t stop until Republicans get the message: ‘Don’t Put Christmas Vacation Ahead of Your Country.'”

The email message said, in part:
“Shame on Republican Senators!

“They are paving the way for ObamaCare to be enacted into law this year because they want to go on Christmas Vacation. I know it sounds unbelievable that REPUBLICANS are the ones who will be responsible for a government takeover of healthcare but that is the sad and outrageous truth.

“Our Capitol-Hill operatives working out of the newly organized Tea Party Cloakroom© have learned that the Senate Republican Leadership is working hand-in-glove behind the scenes with the Democratic Leadership to move one amendment after another through the Senate without adequate time for debate and deliberation. In exchange for this collaboration with the enemy, the Democratic Leadership is assuring Republicans they will be allowed to offer their own ‘message amendments’ and that Republicans will not be forced to work long hours through the night during this holiday season.

“Republican Senator Jon Kyl let the cat out of the bag on Bill Bennett’s radio show last week. When guest host Rick Santorum asked Kyl, ‘What is your strategy, to the extent you can share it,’ Kyl said, ‘Our strategy is not actually to delayOur strategy is to have a lot of good amendments and highlight the problems in the bill. It is not our strategy to somehow slow things down.’

“The Republican Senators have been protesting vehemently in the media about how much they oppose ObamaCare and the Reid Health bill, and despite their constant reassurances to
grassroots activists that they are doing everything humanly possible to defeat the bill, Republicans in fact are quietly stepping aside and allowing the ObamaCare Express to move forward. The bill is loaded down with the Harry Reid language and tons of amendments that will barrel through the U.S. Senate, all so senate Republicans can go home for Christmas Vacation without delay and not have to work long hours in the meantime.

“Don’t Let Republican Senators Put Their Christmas Break Ahead of Their Country.
Tell Republican Senators: “Just Object to Harry Reid’s Fast-Track Rush on ObamaCare.”

This is the hill we will live or die on. For years we have allowed Republicans to use one excuse after another to hide under the rock of political expediency and put self-interest over country. No more. As a recent national poll indicated, the Tea Party is now more popular than the GOP. The message to Republicans is clear: you are losing your voters because you are losing your nerve.

Media Contact:
Tea Party Support
Lawrence A. Hunter, Ph.D.
(540) 349 2360

Great interview given by Senator John Kyl on the Dennis Prager Show, this morning. This is for those of you who are destructively rather than constructively tearing down the Republican Party. Yes, for good reason, there has been much bashing of the Republican Party; it’s become quite fashionable and the “in thing” amongst true dyed-in-the-wool conservatives. But before you “throw them all out”, keep in mind:

Every single Republican in both houses of Congress voted against President Obama’s budget.

Every single Republican except the two Senators from Maine voted against the stimulus package.

Every Republican in the House of Representatives opposes Obamacare.

Senator Kyl defends himself and the GOP strategy against recent criticism by right-wing demogogues (it’s a worthy listen):

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