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Yes sir, elections do indeed have consequences. And in this last election the left, and many in the middle helped to elect essentially our first Monarchy (yes, I exaggerate, but not by much)…they bitched and moaned about Bush and his supposed evil plan to take over the world but when their guy got elected they sit quietly as he makes any Bush move to consolidate power appear minuscule in comparison. Case in point: (h/t Big Lizards)

The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday will complete its determination that greenhouse gases pose a danger to human health and the environment, paving the way for regulation of carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles, power plants, factories refineries and other major sources….

The move gives President Obama a significant tool to combat the gases blamed for the heating of the planet even while Congress remains stalled on economy-wide global warming legislation.

The Obama administration has signaled its intent to issue a so-called endangerment finding for carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases since taking office in January. Ms. Jackson announced a proposed finding in April and has taken steps to implement the rules that would be needed to back it up.


The administration has wielded the finding as a prod to Congress to act on legislation, saying in effect that if lawmakers do not act to control greenhouse gas pollution they will use their rule-making power to do so. At the same time, the president and his top environmental aides have frequently said that they prefer such a major step be taken through the give-and-take of the legislative process.


Basically saying “we don’t want to force this on the American people but we will if you make us.”

This is extortion plain and simple…

The other reason Obama is doing this? Come on…think….what would be the motive to do this from a true nihilist?

The other reason for the finding — and the reason it must be right now, not a month from now — is that Barack Obama plans to use this regulatory threat to boost his internationalist standing at the Copenhagen conference of Anthropogenic Global Climate Change (AGCC) nutters… waving the bloody green shirt, as it were.

Absolutely shocking! Shocking I tell you….that the EPA wasn’t troubled one iota by ClimateGate. Why should they be? It’s not like they have to PROVE global warming is imminent threat. They only have to show it “may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health or welfare.” Greg Gutfield:

…greenhouse gases. CO2 is one of them, and activists like to tell us than man-made driven CO2 is what’s causing global warming. However, of all the CO2 entering our atmosphere every year, only 3 percent or so comes from evil humans. The rest comes from Satan’s triad: oceans, animals and plant life. Why does no one beyond “Scared to Death” authors Christopher Booker and Richard North point this out? Well, you can’t say that humanity is destroying the planet, once you realize man’s impact is negligible.

Big Green also likes to talk about consensus. Well let’s talk about consensus – like the Gallup poll of climate scientists showing that nearly 50 percent had rejected man-caused global warming. Or how about the first assessment report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? They even suggested that the temperature changes of the last century could all be due to “natural variation.” However, according to Booker and North, the summarizers ignored the report’s uncertainty, and instead predicted substantial warming. And look up the infamous Hockey Stick graph – which eliminated real global warming from ages ago, in order to make it look like the climate’s getting way hotter now. That’s how you get consensus: through suppression.

Or how about CRU, who fudged the data to make it appear that the world was warming and us evil humans are the cause.

Nevermind all that. The EPA and the Obama administration wants cap n’ trade, and if it takes extortion to get it then extortion is what we are going to get.


Here’s Charles Krauthammer on this story: (Thanks for the h/t Maggie🙂

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