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How Could You Not Help The Adorable Mug..and His Dog Too!

My friend Jean emailed this request to me and I am asking for your help in bringing Sage safely home. Please donate what you can to help Sage .

I’d like to introduce you to Sage , a photo is attached to this email:

Lance Corporal Alex Werner lives in Milford, PA. He is the 2nd of four children. He joined the Marine Corps right out of high school, and chose to be a combat engineer since he’d always enjoyed construction, as well as destruction – ie bombs and blowing things up with them. One night while on a mission with his platoon in Iraq, Lcpl Werner’s vehicle rounded a corner and a dog ran out in front of them. The dog was killed, leaving behind a puppy who was on the side of the road. Lcpl Werner heard her crying and caught her (not an easy task he says). From that moment on, she has been with Lcpl Werner and the rest of the Marines of his platoon, being loved on by them and, according to Major Kleber’s telling, carried everywhere by them. The men have named the dog Sage. She is being showered with love and affection and toys that have been sent in care packages.

SPCA International has agreed to assist with transporting Sage back to the US from Iraq. Due to operational movements, it may be necessary to bring her home very soon. The cost of bring a dog from Iraq is over $7,000. SPCA International covers the majority of the costs, but requires the service member to provide at least $1,000 towards the cost of his own pup’s transport.

I am asking that everyone consider giving a gift to SPCA International to help get Sage home where she will live with Lcpl Werner upon his return from Iraq. If everyone gives just $10.00-$25.00 each, we can easily raise the $1,000 required to get Sage home and help take that burden off of Lcpl Werner.

Donations can be made multiple ways. Checks can be sent to SPCA International

Operation Baghdad Pups Program
P.O. Box 1230
Washington, DC  20013

The memo line should read “Operation Baghdad Pups – Sage”

Credit card donations can also be made on the website SPCAI

If you would prefer to purchase items that will be used to bring Sage home, such as her crate, please get in touch with me and I will get you a list of items that need to be purchased for her.


From our friends at Flopping Aces, here’s the latest known schedule:  Alex will be home by April 30, 2010.  Sage is scheduled to ship out NOV 2 to make sure there are no problems.  She’ll stay with Alex’s mom until he gets home.  (You know this will be the longest six months of his life.)  If you’d like to contact him, here’s an address:

Lcpl Alex Werner
CLB-46, Engineer Co., 1st Plt
(betchurass he’s a combat engineer)
Unit 72022
FPO AE 09509-2022

UPDATE From Jean:

The good news is that Thanks to Ratdog and crew, we have well exceeded the amount required from Lcpl Werner to get Sage home and are well on the way to paying for half of her trip all on our own – an endeavor I am SURE the SPCA appreciates as it allows them to help even more servicemembers and their dogs. The less good news is that Sage is stuck on a base in Iraq and can’t get to Baghdad in time to make her plane for this particular transport. So, she’s on hold until the January transport and we will continue to coordinate efforts to get her to Baghdad between now and then. As of now, Lcpl Werner has had to leave her to the care of other Marines as he has been relocated. I’m sure he’s missing his girl like crazy right now, but we are sure she’s being taken care of by the boys she is with now. Keep ‘em all in your prayers, one day closer to having our husbands and sons back home…

UPDATE from RatDog:

Another $500 has been donated to this cause!

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