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prometheusBorrowing from a myriad of myths, Obama has ridden the myth phenomenon into the White House. There is an underlying problem with myths, they are most often based on falsehoods, exaggerations, and innuendos. Can a presidency based on myths survive four years? Perhaps we can draw a conclusion if we examine his personal myths with perspicuity.

The Ubermenschen Myth, Obama’s myth designers borrowed heavily from Nietzsche’s concept of Ubermenschen symbolism. In the novel, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, written in 1883, by Friedrich Nietzsch, features Zarathustra the protagonist, who offers his gift to mankind, the idea of Ubermenschen. A literal translation of Ubermenschen from my high school German, translates Uber as over or superior, while menschen would translate to the species of man. Mankind or especially the Middle Class is unaware that a problem exists, let alone that man himself is the problem; therefore, Zaraththustra must convince mankind that man is the problem and that the concept of Ubermenschen is the solution.

Thus says Zarathustra, “I teach you the everman. Man Is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him.”

Using bible verse and prose as a template, Zarathustra proceeds to discredit Christianity and Semitism in an attempt to revise traditional morality. Thus nihilism and existentialism are the precepts of a new meaning of man’s relationship to the earth and rejection of asceticism and spirituality. Rejecting minor details such as a man’s soul being released upon mortification of the body, Zarathustra argues that the soul is merely an aspect of the body. Although Obama spent twenty years in the church of Black Liberation, the emphasis seems to be more towards racism than Christianity. Neutralizing the traditional Judeo-Christian ethics has evolved into a form of secular humanism, with sympathies for Islam, in reverence for a father he never knew, Obama bases his personal and political philosophy on this unexplained and undefined relationship with the earth and the environment in a poorly executed parody of Zarathustra’s quest for a dignified new values of co-existence with the earth. Now with Obama’s pledge of trust and dedication, we the Middle Class are to assume a type of self-flagellating vow of poverty, while the rest of the world is given the chance to participate in the production and marketing that made the US a powerful nation, while disregarding Al Gore’s ascendancy to billionaire status and George Soro’s acquires the wealth he needs to achieve the deity status he craves.

Zarathustra teaches that a new meaning for life will be redefined by new values that unleash a new individuality and an artistic brilliance that will be fine tuned by future generations. The Existentialist must reject standard ideas of academic philosophy, just as Obama has found supposed flaws within the Constitution, in that it is incomplete at best. Thus the Existentialist Obama envisions a new concept of freedom based on a collective individuality of purpose with requisite wealth redistribution. Old ideas of egalitarian modernity are to be replaced by high achievement and artistic brilliance. The phrase “Hope and Change” reflects the promise of high achievement and artistic brilliance tempered with huge stimulus funds to the NEA so that they become propagandists rather than artists. Their artistic brilliance is subverted to reflect the high achievement and artistic brilliance of Obama. Unwittingly, Obama creates himself as a Machiavelian partisan who is trying to crush the egalitarian values of the Middle class and replace them with his own value system, the Obama Collective of Social Justice.

There can be no doubt that he considers himself an Ubermenschen type savior, not only for the US, but possibly for the world. He has stressed his need to redistribute wealth, to take from the wealthy and give to the poor; citing this as one of the fundamental flaws within the Constitution, its fundamental failure to address the basic need to redistribute wealth. Thus he employs the Robin Hood Myth and captures a sycophantic following that is an amalgam of both the poor and lazy. The Robin Hood persona is their only chance for success, thus again the vision of a savior offers an alternative to that ever elusive lottery ticket. Of course they will follow the Robin Hood candidate, what do they have to lose.

Being billed as a great intellect was intriguing in the beginning, yet a few teleprompter malfunctions belied this the first of the myths to crumble. Americans have faith in intelligence; consequently, there has never been a gifted intellect, in the public sector, who felt the need to secure all his academic records. Thus Obama remains an enigma and the question of a free pass from Affirmative Action seems to be a distinct possibility.

The myth of being a gifted writer has disintegrated but for all the most vacuous lemming faithful. First by the analysis of Jack Cashill and later by Michelle’s admission of Ayers duplicity in Anderson’s coffee table book on life with the Obamas, it is obvious that a fraud has been perpetrated and that Bill Ayers wrote the book, Dreams of My Father. This supposition of being a zero at written composition is further evidenced by Obama’s tenure as the editor of the Harvard Law Review, however the position seems to have been an honorary position, because he wrote….nothing.

The myth of a great orator is possibly the only myth with a grain of truth, he can speak well; but only with the aid of a teleprompter, an indisputable fact, after malfunctioning teleprompters exposed a stuttering and dithering speaker.

It is true Obama can direct a campaign audience with skill and whip up enthusiasm bordering on hysteria; yet like Mussolini before him, a population tires of endless campaigns with no tangible results. The Governor races of New Jersey and Virginia confirmed the fact that the public is no longer enthralled with a perpetual campaign.

Basing a campaign on a series of myths with no substance is a dangerous gamble, but to run an administration based on myths with no substance is political suicide. The demographics that are prone to believe such myths based on half truths and innuendos over time and against common sense will lack the courage, intelligence, and integrity to carry a politician through difficult times. To paraphrase Reverend Wright, eventually your chickens will come home to roost.

The myth of Obama as a world visionary and international statesmen has been disintegrating rapidly, since his apologetic attitudes and willingness to negotiate with depots and dictators, without preconditions: while seen by Liberals as an honorable approach, it is regarded as weakness and spinelessness by the international community. Consequently, our enemies laugh at us and our allies are reluctant to trust us.

Epilogue: The concept of an Ubermenschen type Messiah or hero relates at least as far back as the legend of the Greek Titan god Prometheus of the 6th century BC. Prometheus was an ever suffering hero of mankind, who not only created mankind from clay, but gave mankind much comfort in the world. These same acts of benevolence kept him in direct conflict with his boss, Zeus.

His first major infraction was stealing the meat from the gods’ table before a feast and giving it to man; but the final straw was when he stole the fire from the gods and smuggled it to mankind in a fennel stalk. Hard to picture, like Obama posing as an intellectual, but that is the story.

For his benevolence towards man, Zeus sentenced him to be tied to a stake and have his liver eaten by an eagle every day. Eventually, Herakles took pity on Prometheus, released him and what was left of his liver, (some argue that it was the heart, I like the liver story).

Thus Obama’s myth makers have not created a new persona, these Messiah and Robin Hood types who endeavor to save mankind from itself and the whims of fickle gods are over 2500 years old.

With a naïve and intellectually bewildered segment of the population, these same myths can obviously be resurrected occasionally and used to elect a president.

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