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Can anyone really be surprised?

Conservatives continue to outnumber moderates and liberals in the American populace in 2009, confirming a finding that Gallup first noted in June. Forty percent of Americans describe their political views as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 20% as liberal. This marks a shift from 2005 through 2008, when moderates were tied with conservatives as the most prevalent group.


Conservatism is most prevalent among Republicans. However, the overall increase in this ideological stance since 2008 comes largely from political independents, among whom 35% say they are conservatives thus far in 2009 — compared with 29% last year. Independents have also become more conservative on a number of specific policy issues, including government and union power, the role of government relative to promoting values, gun laws, immigration, global warming, and abortion. Republicans, most of whom considered themselves ideologically conservative in 2008, have also grown more conservative on several of these issues this year, while less change is seen among Democrats.

All of this has potentially important implications at the ballot box, particularly for the 2010 midterm elections. The question is whether increased conservatism, particularly among independents, will translate into heightened support for Republican candidates. Right now, it appears it may. Although Gallup polling continues to show the Democratic Party leading the Republican Party in Americans’ party identification, that lead has been narrowing since the beginning of the year and now stands at six points, the smallest since 2005.

And as Obama and company try to push our country further to the left we will continue to see polls like these:

Bob McDonnell, Virginia’s Republican nominee for governor, holds an 11 percentage point lead over Democrat Creigh Deeds, according to a new Washington Post poll released Monday.

McDonnell, the former state attorney general, leads Deeds 55 percent to 44 percent in the Post poll, a two point increase since the last survey. Deeds’s support remained static at 44 percent in both polls, but McDonnell has cut into the number of undecided voters to pad his lead over the Democratic state senator.

Obama pushes us to Socialism and America will push back. Conservative values like a strong foreign policy, fiscal restraint, pro-capitalism and pro-business become the mainstream once again, as it should be.

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