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I know someone who skipped out on class to attend President Obama’s speech at MIT on Friday (she’s a fan).

I suppose she remained unphased by his dazed teleprompter failure (Hat tip: Freedom Eden):

Maybe TotUS grew confused- in HAL 9000 fashion– as to the purpose of the MIT trip:

Elizabeth Williamson reports on President Barack Obama’s remarks in Boston.

President Barack Obama flew to Boston today for a speech at Massachusetts Institute of Technology about energy and the economy, or energy and jobs, or about energy and climate change legislation.

From the beginning, the White House press corps speculated that Obama’s trip to Cambridge was less about energy news than about two high-wattage fund-raisers he was scheduled to attend afterward: one for Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, and one in Stamford, Conn., for Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut.

Aboard Air Force One enroute to Boston, reporters asked spokesman Bill Burton what president’s “main energy message” was.

“The president is going to talk about the importance of investing in innovative energy technology, how it can create jobs and help this economy grow in the 21st century,” he said.

“Sounds like the same message that’s been out there for a while,” a reporter said.

“It’s an important message, and the president is going to continue to talk about things that can help grow the economy,” Burton said. “There are few things in this administration that are more important than creating jobs and getting this economy on track.”

Another reporter asked if the president would use the speech to “talk about the need to push forward on energy legislation, climate change legislation, pending in the House and Senate?”

And Burton said no, “This event is more about jobs and the economy, and specifically some of the investments that we’ve made.”

But a few minutes later, Burton corrected himself: “I just read the remarks more closely. The president will, indeed, address comprehensive legislation that helps to make renewable energy a profitable kind of energy in America. He’ll talk about it how can create millions of jobs, combat global warming…I also didn’t mention earlier that Sen. Kerry is on the plane,” referring to Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.).

A reporter ventured: “And so after initially refusing to talk about the energy legislation, he’s…I’m kidding.”

And another reporter: “This means that the speech is largely a push for the climate change legislation….”

Burton: “No, no, I wouldn’t say that. It talks about the importance of investments in order to create jobs in this field of, you know, innovation and finding ways to make clean, renewable energy. But definitely gets into comprehensive energy legislation.”

After a minute or so, he tried again: “He talks about its importance and he’s urging all of us to work hard to get it done.”

Um, okay.

Does this Administration understand anything it’s doing?

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