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Bookworm Room offers a study in contrast between the Decider-in-Chief and the Waffler-in-Chief who yearns for his glory days of being able to simply vote “present” in his handling of Afghanistan. He certainly talked up a good game….up until the moment when it matters the most.

Every now and then
we like to run this picture

The picture that launched a thousand moonbats:


That’s the decider. That’s leadership.

And the contrast?


Wright men can’t jump!

This is the ditherer-in-chief.




So many choices…Rocky Road or pralines and cream? Do I go with more sprinkles and nuts? Or a drawdown of toppings for my sundae….?


Threw a strike and liberated 50 million….


Threw it into the dirt and did not show support for democracy in Iran and Honduras and has liberated no one…including gays.


President Obama’s foreign policy expert, Joe Biden:

…And others, more harshly, argue that Mr. Biden’s judgment on foreign policy has often been off base.

They point out that he voted against the successful Persian Gulf war of 1991, voted for the Iraq invasion of 2003, proposed dividing Iraq into three sections in 2006 and opposed the additional troops credited by many with turning Iraq around in 2007.

“When was the last time Biden was right about anything?” Thomas E. Ricks, a military writer, wrote in a blog on Sept. 24. Mr. Ricks is affiliated with the Center for a New American Security, a research organization founded by Democrats.

President Bush’s hatchet man, Darth Cheney:


“Just show me where to point and aim this…”

A show of patriotism:


Refusal to wear patriotism on his sleeve (or on his lapel):



The Marine audience at Camp Lejeune sit in wild, rapturous applause for President Barack Obama. (Photo by Gerry Broome / AP)


President Bush greeted by unenthused U.S. military personnel stationed at the U.S. Army Garrison – Yongsan in Seoul, before departing for Thailand.
Larry Downing-Reuters


“President Bush made this look so easy….What to do? What to do?”

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