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Mark Twain wrote, “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Michelle obviously has never read Twain or else she figures Affirmative Action is a free-pass on international journalism as well.

At first glance, I thought the article was a hoax, but US News & World Report, doesn’t have the personality or wit to do satire. The article was real, Michelle was making an appeal for teachers and trying to explain the importance of quality instruction in the classroom. Fair enough, this is simple, how could anyone screw this up. Everyone knows we need good teachers, it is commonly referred to as a “no brainer.” Unfortunately, Michelle took the distinction literally.

The first sentence that caught my attention was: “My girls are making new friends, tackling challenging new subjects, and moving closer to becoming the strong, confident women I knew they could be.” Hmm, interesting complex sentence structure, there are several errors, “tackling challenging,” a common error. Overuse and misuse of the comma, oh well, another common error. The phrase, “confident women I knew they could be,” oh well, she would have flunked the journalism assignment for that week, but hardly worth becoming excited.

I read on with an open mind, was I in for a surprise. I was about to read creative writing or perhaps I should say creative punctuation, syntax, and grammar that is unique to the English language.

Michelle has an affection for starting sentences with And and But, this one began: “And when we think about the qualities that make an outstanding teacher-boundless energy and endless patience; vision and a sense of purpose; the creativity to help us see the world in a different way; commitment to helping us discover and fulfill our potential- we realize: These are the qualities of a great leader.

After reading this sentence with disbelief, I realized the First Lady doesn’t have a clue about punctuation or constructing a sentence. If this is the result of Affirmative Action, I’d say, the program is a forlorn hope.

With more prose, that under the present political situation qualifies for a Pulitzer, she writes: “Much work lies ahead, and it wont be easy.”

Yes with Safe School Czar Kevin Jenning, promoting the homosexual lifestyle in our schools, endorsing the two daddies and two mommies text books and the condemnation of Romeo and Juliet because it promotes heterosexual love, much work does lie ahead. The total destruction of the moral and cultural fabric of the United States, can be considered “Much work.” Just finding teachers that are willing to promote this garbage and compromise their integrity in the process is no simple chore.

Yes Michelle, you have your work cut out for you, but may I make a humble suggestion? You should learn how to write or have someone help you before you embarrass yourself and the United States by exposing more ignorance of the English language by publishing in a national magazine.

For those that are interested: Eats, Shoots, And Leaves is a great book on punctuation, grammar, and syntax; and it is a funny read.

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