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Ah yes… another day in the O’news cycle. It was predictable that Snowe would cave and side with the liberal health care crowd, and that the Senate Finance Committee’s plastic surgery on the Baucus bill would pass.

It was also predictable that the media will ignore Robert Reich’s comments that prove Rep. Alan Grayson was right about many looking at health care reform as simply “die quickly”… he was just wrong about the source of that ‘tude… as it was coming from his own party czars/appointees/Obama cronies.

Speaking of Grayson, that would be the same Alan Grayson who was wounded severely when he went up against Neil Cavuto INRE the Performance for Pay Act he introduced… a bill that sniffs suspiciously of the same manure that makes up Charlie Rangel’s HR 1586…. aka the template for the Senate health care bill.

So rather than address the predictable, here’s some very enjoyable stuff to kick around… the hot heads of state. Naw… not temperment. This was a beauty contest poll of the heads of state around the world conducted by the bloggers, Kate, JD and Derek at The Hottest Heads of State website. They’ve got quite the “onion” humor going there… ala

For too long, citizens of the world have suffered under the tyranny of unattractive leaders. Some people say that this is just the way things are: unattractive people have a death grip on the levers of power that will never be loosened. We say: Not with that attitude it won’t. By ranking the world’s leaders by looks, we hope to heighten voter awareness of this problem and shame the citizens of countries with unattractive leaders into rising up and staging coups or something.

And don’t forget to check out their FAQs page for a few more grins..

But… ta daaaaa… The top ten winners: ( check out the full list of 172 here)


#10: Bamir Topi, President of Albania
#9: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Phillipines
#8: Roosevelt Skerritt, Prime Minister of Dominica
#7: Henry, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
#6: Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador
#5: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina
#4: Joseph Kabila, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
#3: Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck (no, really….) King of Bhutan
#2: Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway, and not on the Nobel Peace Prize committee…

and the #1 hottest head of state is…. (drumroll….)

Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine

Wondering where Obama showed up? Not until #15. North Korea’s Kim Jong-il took last place, edged out only by Pope Benedict. Believe it or note, Ahmadinejad beat out Zardari with position #48, to the latter’s #49.

All a hoot… and strictly for your enjoyment. Thanks for the grin, JD, Kate and Derek

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