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A defused mortar head is planted during a mine and unexploded ordnances awareness class for school boys in Qarabagh district about 40 km (25 miles) north of Kabul November 20, 2007.
REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

David Quigg at Huffington Post (hat tip Patterico and Missy):

It fundamentally harms the long-term cause of global peace if America permits itself to move through history in a remorseless, irresponsible cycle wherein a Bush-type leader launches reckless wars and an Obama-type leader yanks our troops out. No matter how much we want our troops home, it is immoral to throw a country into chaos and then walk away simply because we grow weary of that chaos.

Counterinsurgency — the broad, innovative, flexible portfolio of tactics aimed at keeping civilians safe and earning their trust and cooperation — offers the best hope I’ve seen for attempting to make things right in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, foreign fighters, emboldened by America’s self-doubt and leadership dithering, are pouring into Afghanistan with a surge of their own, to push the perceived Taliban momentum. By ratcheting up the violence, they hope to influence Washington and American public perception to their favor.

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