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No Olympics for Chicago!

Update by wordsmith:

CNN floored that the charm and rhetoric of “The One” didn’t even see Chicago through past the first round:


The city was eliminated so quickly that some of the would-be revelers weren’t sure what had happened. Some started asking if they had heard what they thought they heard.

“I’ve never really had a disappointment like this,” said 33-year-old Ken Rudd. “This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.”

Many stood for a few minutes, staring at the screen, and at least one flung his hands into the air in a crude gesture toward the TV screen.

Within seconds, people began filing out of the plaza.

The only rational explanation is: The IOC are racists!

Update by Mike:

Obama’s luster diminished by desperate last minute effort!

Breaking news, more details later.

Three 747’s, one 757, a fleet of C-17 cargo planes carrying limos and support vehicles. Hundreds of military, Secret Service and staff as well as countless hours of senior staff time that could have addressed issues like Afghanistan or Iran.

All to ferry the Obama’s over for this failed effort.

Well, at least we won’t have to see new Olympic competitions in Chicago for local sports like gang murder or political corruption!

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