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Kevin Ferris – the only sane journalist left at the Philadelphia Inquirer writes a weekly column titled ‘Back Channels’.  This column is consistent jolt of reality in the wake of a steady stream of  hopey-changey bylines produced by this newspaper.

In truth, Kevin is not only a talented writer, but a genuinely likable fellow that I call a friend. This particular piece needs to be spread far and wide as it highlights the good capitalism brings to society.

This week on Back Channels: Helping Fighters Thrive

Working with Wall Street WarFighters, Philadelphia brokerage firm Drexel Hamilton is helping disabled veterans begin new careers in the financial sector by providing training with financial professionals. The goal is to have veterans successfully complete the securities certification exam and find placement in the financial service industry.

Retired General, U.S. Marine Corps, Peter Pace thinks it is a great way for “industry leaders to contribute to the life of a wounded warrior in a very meaningful way.” I quite agree, lets build a bionic wall street – better than it was before – one wounded warrior at a time.

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