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Wanna know the MSM excuse for not covering the Czar story regarding Van Jones? Because they felt it was a waste of their time. Here is NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd:

Well, isn’t that special. ACORN is just an “obsession” and Van Jones is just a waste of time.

And they wonder why their reputation is down the tank.

Meanwhile the GOP is starting to take notice and asking how in the world we have 30 something Czars that undermine our Constitution:

Kay Bailey Hutchinson explains further on how these positions undermine our Constitution:

So what do these czars do? Do they advise the president? Or do they impose the administration’s agenda on the heads of federal agencies and offices who have been vetted and confirmed by the Senate? Unfortunately — and in direct contravention of the Framers’ intentions — virtually no one can say with certainty what these individuals do or what limits are placed on their authority. We don’t know if they are influencing or implementing policy. We don’t know if they possess philosophical views or political affiliations that are inappropriate or overreaching in the context of their work.

This is precisely the kind of ambiguity the Framers sought to prevent. Article One tasks the legislative branch with establishing federal agencies, defining what they do, determining who leads them and overseeing their operations. Article Two requires the president to seek the advice and consent of the Senate when appointing certain officials to posts of consequence. Thus, authority is shared between government branches, guaranteeing the American people transparency and accountability.

I just can’t help wondering how those who defend these Czar’s would react if Bush had created this kind of shadow government? Or how about the nationalization of car companies? The takeover of the boards of banks?

They would be screeching to high heaven.

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