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ACORN is now saying the video’s that Aye and Mata have been writing about were doctored and are now threatening to sue:

Only problem is, they fired the people involved in giving advice to James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles on how to run a sex business, hide the money from that business, and then get James into politics. Why in the world would you fire them if they were innocent and the tapes were doctored?

Read the transcript and you find quotes like: (h/t Hot Air)

ACORN 4: You want to make sure you distance yourself from that. Straight up. And the other thing is — okay, I know this is no disrespect to you, sweetheart. OK? … If you buy the home, you have no knowledge of what’s goin’ on in that home. He’s just [garbled] the landlord. …

ACORN 4: All someone needs to do is get wind that you got a house and that your girlfriend is over there running a house of the women in the night. You will not have a career [in politics]. You will be smeared and tarnished for life to come.

Yeaaaah. That sounds doctored. You have the ACORN employee directly telling James that must not have any knowledge of the kind of business Hannah is going to be running, and then telling him what will happen if word does get out that he is involved in the house….his political career would be done.

ACORN is threatening to sue Fox News, James, and Hannah. To which I say PLEASE DO!

Discovery in a court of law is a wonderful thing. A whole lot of stuff will be coming out after that which will ruin them.

James and Hannah deserve a medal for this.

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