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Please remember David Reed Gamboa-Brandhorst and his fathers, Daniel and Ron….3 among the 2,996 stolen from us that Tuesday morning, 8 years ago….


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From my post, 3 years ago:

How many of you remember what it was like to be 3 years old? How many of you can remember what you did just 3 years ago? How many of you have projected 3 years into the future, thinking that 3 years was a long time away to be planning for, that far in advance? How many of you have ever imagined what it would be like if 3 years was the average life expectancy? How would you spend your time if 3 years was all that you had left to live? 4 years to graduate from high school…4 years is the norm to earn an undergraduate degree from college. What could 3 years give you? What could you give back to the world and to your country, in just 3 short years?

David Reed Gamboa-Brandhorst was born June 23, 1998. That same month, an enemy of the United States few Americans knew about, Osama bin Laden, was placed on the FBI’s most wanted list. 2 months later, on August 7th, the world saw simultaneous bomb attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. 224 were killed, including 12 U.S. citizens. Worst was yet to come…

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We owe it to ourselves as Americans- as patriots- to personalize the loss of our fellow citizens, then and now. They are our brothers and sisters; our fellow Americans, and fellow human beings.

The lessons of September 11th: Always remember, and never forget.

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