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Charles Krauthammer at his best in identifying how a Van Jones can happen in Obama’s world:

It’s a reflection of the boss. The boss also had a history before he became a candidate of being around and friends with the likes of Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers. The liberals scolded us last year on how irrelevant all that is and how it’s a smear campaign against Obama. But, if you live in that environment and you find nothing inherently wrong with that kind of radicalism. Then a Van Jones will show up. You’ll watch him years and years and you’ll think this guy is perfectly mainstream.

We’ve been saying this very same thing for over a year now. What did we hear from the left when Obama’s associations with nuts and racists was brought up? Why, we’re all just racists ourselves….nothing to see here.

We all railed against the MSM bias in not covering the associations, and now we need no clearer proof of this then the Van Jones story. If you received your news from the MSM you had no idea who Van Jones was, Andrew Brietbart:

…the American mainstream media – ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, et al – must be held to account for sitting on the sidelines as this major story kept building without them, went viral on YouTube, and then became so large that a key appointee of President Obama was forced to step down.

But with their decision to ignore the Jones story, they may have actually done Mr. Obama far more harm than good: Who vetted this guy? How did he get past the FBI? What did he say, and how did he answer the infamous seven-page questionnaire that all Obama appointees were required to fill out? Inquiring Freedom of Information Act minds want to know.

For most people in this country, the resignation was the first they had heard of Van Jones. For this sin of journalistic omission, there’s institutional media blame. Bias is too tame a word for the utter shamelessness on display: Only Republican scandals – real and imagined – matter.


…the Jones narrative hurts Mr. Obama because it underlines how the mainstream media helped elect the president by glorifying him instead of vetting him.

Just as Mr. Obama was not even cursorily investigated, Van Jones, a fellow “community organizer,” was not given the slightest media attention when named as an unaccountable “czar” selected to oversee billions in taxpayer money for the ambiguous purpose of “green energy.” And that despite having a body of damning evidence that could be found with a single Google search by an ADHD-addled high-school journalism student.

Andrew details a couple more stories about this administration that the MSM is silent on:

One of the stories is that ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, a massive radical organization, is poised to receive billions from the Obama “stimulus.”

ACORN’s voting division is currently under investigation in multiple states for fraud. And its housing division exists to fulfill an unclear mandate that has been accused of using funds to pay for political protests. If the alternative media digs further and finds out ACORN is guilty as charged, and as corrupt as its ample critics say it is, the onus is those who didn’t question when the Obama team decided to allocate billions to expand the group’s reach.

Brian Williams, the ball is in your court.

Another story not making the evening news is that of artist Patrick Courrielche, who has shown that the National Endowment of the Arts is seeking to use government funds to promote Obama administration initiatives. On Sunday’s “This Week,” George Will pierced the mainstream media veil.

“Recently there was a conference call arranged by the National Endowment for the Arts, with a representative of the White House, for potential grantees or actual grantees of the federal government, getting subsidies – the theme of it was how the arts community could advance the president’s agenda. Now I don’t know how many laws that breaks, but I am sure there are some.”

What are you waiting for, Katie Couric?

We know what she’s waiting for. She’s waiting for it all to blow over, for the left to come to the rescue, so she and her fellow “reporters” don’t have a hand in damaging their messiah. As the saying goes, the cover up is always worse then the crime. Hell, why didn’t she just try to excuse Van Jones and his beliefs like another nut…ahem…Democrat tried today. (h/t JustOneMinute)

Now he’s been thrown under the bus by the White House for signing his name to a petition expressing something that 35% of all Democrats believed as of 2007 — that George Bush knew in advance about the attacks of 9/11.

Nope, that’s not a The Onion piece….that’s Jane Hamsher who just made Krauthammer’s point. You surround yourself by nutcases and you start to think being a nutcase is normal.

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