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Discussions on the state of health care in the United States are frequent on this blog, but one author is lacing up her running shoes to support the work of ALSF (Alex Lemonade Stand Fund) in bringing needed attention and funding to childhood cancer research. I will be participating in the 1st Annual Lemon Run, which will be held on October 25 at Ridley Creek State Park in Media, Pennsylvania.

A great way to celebrate Labor Day is to run a 5K. With this run, I’ve completed over 30 miles of tracked runs with a Nike+ training kit, moving me to the training color level of Orange.  I feel great, have more energy and it did not require the restructuring of one seventh of the US economy to make this happen.

Why am I doing this?  The answer can be found by clicking on this LINK. It will take you to my page  created for the upcoming Alex Lemonade Stand Fund -1st Annual Lemon Run.

All of us know someone whose life has been turned upside down with a cancer diagnosis. As Alex would say ‘ If life gives you lemons, make Lemonade‘ We can do our part to help the littlest of cancer heroes. I’m participating in the first annual Lemon Run 5K race in Ridley Creek State Park on October 25 and I hope you can help support this worthy organization.

I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line on October 25th, but the real winners will be the children battling cancer.

Please take a moment to donate to Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). Your donation means the world to a child battling cancer.

A brief history about how Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation started and grew to be a leader in the fight against childhood cancer:

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