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Allah at Hot Air thinks Mr. “Bush was behind 9/11” Van Jones will be gone by tomorrow afternoon. Mickey Kaus thinks by midnight. Myself, I think the man should never of stepped foot anywhere near our Capitol in any position of influence and apparently some former White House staffers are now saying Van Jones would never had passed muster to even be considered for the position he got. We all know only a man known to run in a circle of loons could of brought him in…and that man is our President. John McCormack thinks it was Emanuel:

Former White House staffers I’ve spoken with say they would bet the FBI uncovered much of Jones’s past–especially if Jones truthfully answered their questions. What would then happen is this: the background report would go to the Counsel’s office (run by Greg Craig), who would then raise the question of whether what the FBI found was disqualifying with the the potential employee’s boss. Jones was hired by Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley, but he presumably (and ultimately) reports to the chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel must have decided that nothing in Jones’s background was alarming enough to prevent his appointment.

So even if Jones is thrown overboard this weekend, it’s worth asking: Did Rahm sign off on Jones’s appointment despite what the FBI must have discovered about his background. And, incidentally–did Jones tell the truth to the FBI?

The man who would befriend the likes of these three loons:

[flv:obamaspastors2.flv 330 248]

Wouldn’t find anything odd about another racist conspiracy nut…so I lay odds that it was Obama who gave the nod.

Either way, its another one under the bus and good riddance. Now he can go back to Color of Change and work more on that Beck boycott….because its going soooooo well for them /sarc

Oh, btw….Jake Tapper is the ONLY msm person pursuing this story. Shocking eh?

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