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A few weeks ago I posted the above photo on Flickr. It was taken at a recent healthcare forum in Philly and I titled it: “A Paid Protester – Note Who Sponsored the Sign”. The title ruffled the feathers of a Philly photographer who left a series of comments on my Flickr account trying to disclaim the idea of a paid protester. When I steered him back to common sense with my replies, he lamely tried to paint my Sheepdogs as paid hacks. If I had a dime for every time that false accusation was laid down, I would be a well paid hack – at their expense!

Lo and behold, PJTV’s Steve Crowder went on a job interview with California’s premier liberal activist organization – much like HCAN (see photo above) – where he found he would be paid handsomely for being a grass root activist (see photo above). That’s not all he discovered, you have to watch the video to see what a professional astroturfing organization looks like.

Under the fold…

Wow, being paid $33,000 clams to stand at a busy public space with a sign (see photo above). Not a bad gig at all, if it weren’t disingenuous and hurtful to the public welfare. I wonder if Madame Speaker would like to recalibrate her statement regarding astroturf activists or will she just blame the CIA..again.

Being closely involved in a grassroot organization since 2007, I have seen first hand what a small group of determined, UNPAID individuals can do; indeed, it may be what saves this country.

Oh, I did capture a video of the woman pictured above – not sure I’d want her deciding health care benefits for this nation – especially since she does not know her data all that well:

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