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RUMOR MILL (as of yet unconfirmed since the report has not been made public yet): Per Investor’s Business Daily Friday, there’s a report going around that the O’admin has decided to renege on building a missile defense system in Europe to protect Poland and the Czech Republic. If it’s true, Obama has… once more… indicated to our allies that Obama’s “remade America” is there not to protect them, but to betray them.

The U.S. has abandoned plans to install a missile defense system in Europe, according to a report. If true, this is a major strategic error that will have serious consequences for our allies in Europe and for us.

Quoting a U.S. source, the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza says the Obama administration has decided against building a missile shield to protect Poland and the Czech Republic. The reason? Russian opposition.

Now, if we want to build a defense system for friends in Europe, we’ll have to place it in the Balkans, Israel or somewhere else. That is, if Russia approves.

This is a stark reversal of past policy and reneges on promises made by the current administration. Worse, it shows weakness. We got into a staredown with the Russian bear and we blinked.

Ironically, it was the very same day I did a little noticed post about Obama’s growing impotence with our western allies, and the battle against global jihad by citing three incidents:

1: The UK’s silence on the Scottish release of Lockerbie al-Megraphi… which now may be a stealth backroom deal with Libya over a BP oil contract. Apparently, no one seemed to consult the US POTUS, who proclaimed on the US stage that the Lockerbie bomber should remain in the Scottish jail to die.

2: Obama’s “Gitmo plan” to merely release as many detainees as possible using the US judicials system’s higher standards of evidence, and a loose definition of “torture”… sending Mohammed Jawad back to Afghanistan, adding to the total of 26 detainees already released and dispatched to various locations. This indicates to the enemy that the US has little will to prosecute those they capture on battlefields.

3: Obama and AG Eric Holder’s acquiescence to the ACLU and their leftist base by releasing, and spinning, the Helgerson 2004 report on the EIT’s used, and the results of those interrogations as it relates to our national security and intel gathering. Despite a promise to the CIA not to run an investigative witchhunt and prosecute interrogation operatives, they are doing just the opposite. By reneging on his promise not to “look back”, but to “look ahead”, Obama has ostracized our intel operatives, and compounded that by seizing authority of interrogations by moving it into the jurisdiction of the FBI and the WH instead.

We can now add one more assault on US allies by Obama’s abandonment of Eastern Europe by dropping the missile defense shield. A system that has become more successful than many dreamed possible.

Instead, Obama sells out Eastern Europe and the missile defense farm in the “hopes” that Russia will assist in bringing an increasingly unruly Iran under control.

Worst of all, according to the New York Times, President Obama in February sent a secret letter to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev offering to scrap our Eastern European missile defense in exchange for help with Iran’s burgeoning nuclear threat.

So far, it hasn’t been much of a deal. And as we scale down our defense efforts, Russia is boosting military spending at double-digit rates. Here we have all but abandoned the testing and rebuilding of our nuclear deterrent, and Russia only last month test-launched two new Sineva class sub-based ICBMs.

Whom do you think they’re trying to intimidate?

The IBD op-ed comes down with the same conclusion that I did in my Friday post… that we are seriously damaging our credibility with our European allies. And Obama’s recent decision to scrap the missile defense plan, if true, does little for SOS Hillary Clinton’s reputation and credibility as well.

As for promises to our allies, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just this month said the U.S. would offer our allies a “defense umbrella” against threats from a possible Iranian nuclear weapon.

Now, all that high-sounding defense rhetoric is out the window.

Coupled with the $1.2 billion slashed from the missile defense budget this year, the administration is making clear it hopes to kill off missile defense — a mistake we may all come to regret.

We’ve just weakened America’s standing in a critical region of the world — Eastern Europe — and let our allies down. We’ve made them vulnerable, in ways that only we could, to Russia’s growing military menace. Polish and Czech friends who had relied on us to stand firm and keep our word no doubt feel betrayed.

This diminishes our global influence. What smallish country will now take our word at face value when we promise to protect them?

The U.S. abandonment of the so-called “third site” development of 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar array in the Czech Republic signals our weakness to both Russia and Iran.

And for that trade off of both implementation and credibility, how are we doing with Russia’s “help” with Iran? Apparently, Iran’s progress has slowed little, and instead advanced considerably. According to a report from the Heritage Foundation last month, Iran makes the case for implementing the missile defense system ASAP.

On February 2, 2009, Iran successfully launched a satellite into orbit using a rocket with technology similar to that used in a long-range ballistic missile. It also test-fired a 1200-mile solid-fueled ballistic missile in May. Today, July 15th, Germany’s foreign intelligence service, BND, announced that Iran will be able to produce and test a nuclear weapon within six months. BND also stated that it has “no doubt” that Iran’s missile program is aimed solely at the production of nuclear warheads. While many of us may have put the Iranian missile and nuclear threat on the back burner and moved such issues as North Korea and arms control negotiations with Russia to the fore, Iran still poses a serious threat to the United States. If Iran develops a nuclear weapon and has the long-range ballistic missiles to carry such a weapon, the United States and Europe need to be prepared.


Although President Obama has talked about abandoning the missile defense option in Europe, it would provide much-needed security to a region that is currently unprotected. It would also, very importantly, provide another layer of defense for the United States homeland. Iran has the capability to strike at Israel and South-Eastern Europe including NATO members such as Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Add to that the Jerusalem Post’s accusation today that the IAEA officials are deliberately “hiding” a critical report on Iran’s capabilities.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said in a prepared statement that the latest IAEA report, released Friday, “accuses Iran of defying [UN] Security Council decisions, but at the same time hides actual Iranian violations on its path toward military nuclear capability,” “This is a harsh report, but it does not reflect all the information possessed by the IAEA on Iranian efforts to advance its military program, on its continuing efforts to hide and deceive, and on [Iran’s] noncooperation with the IAEA and the demands of the international community,” the statement read.

“The IAEA is the only body recognized by the international community that can prevent the games of deception being played by Iran as it works to build nuclear weapons,” a senior Israeli official told The Jerusalem Post Saturday.

If this is Obama’s idea of a successful trade off… missile defense for Russian aid with Iran… I wouldn’t be taking him to a swap meet as a negotiator any time soon.

Instead, it appears this POTUS prefers to focus on eroding our ability to gather intel, cares little of promises to protect our western allies, and relishes an assault on our own operatives – all while letting bad guys go free because it’s too danged inconvenient to figure out a way to prosecute them.

Nothing good can come from showing potential enemies that America folds when threatened. Weakness emboldens bullies. The best deterrent for potential foes is for them to know that any attack will bring swift and devastating retaliation.

The threat to us and our allies from rogue states with weapons of mass destruction is quite real. If we vow to protect our friends, we must follow through — or lose influence and let the bullies run free.

New technologies, including electromagnetic pulse weapons, that could knock out our electrical grid and paralyze our country, will soon be part of our enemy’s arsenals — if they’re not already.

Given the threat to millions of American lives — not to mention millions of our allies — reducing missile defense is both dangerous and irresponsible. President Obama should rethink his decision to pull back on missile defense before it’s too late.

Is this impotence and systematic destruction of our allied relationships deliberate? Or merely the results of an inexperienced, socialist utopian dreamer who was catapulted to the most powerful office in the world?

Either way, we’re in a boat load of trouble.

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