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I watched it three times and still cannot believe what I saw and heard.

Roll the tape:

These people are shameless. Absolutely shameless.

You would think that after the Paul Wellstone memorial went so far off the tracks that they would have learned. Seems that isn’t so. Rush said last week that the services for Uncle Teddy would be a spectacle to behold because the Democrats cannot help themselves.

Once again, Rush was right.

As Allah at Hot Air said:

Enter this poor little boy, charged with politicizing a prayer because the gutless pols around him didn’t have the balls to do it themselves.


Exit question: Anyone have any young’uns at home they’d be willing to volunteer to lead prayers at the next big GOP funeral? We might as well make use of the camera time while we have it. “Dear god, please grant us the strength to privatize social security and construct a robust missile defense shield. We pray to the Lord.”

Here’s a news flash for the Democrats: The cold, dead corpse of a Democrat Senator doesn’t transform a bad idea into a good one.

In light of all of the things that have been said and done over the course of the last few days, I’m beginning to have second thoughts about something. Perhaps the Democrats should rename their health care proposal after the newly deceased Senator Kennedy. I’m beginning to think that is a great idea after all.

They should rename it after Senator Kennedy.

Then they can do the same thing he did with Mary Jo Kopechne….do nothing and watch it die.

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