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Its impossible to turn on the television these days without being subjected to President Obama pitching one thing or another. In addition to the obsessive 24/7 media coverage of his dog, his wife and his latest sound bite, we also have our President appearing several times a day to lecture the American people on the virtues of being a good father and the virtues of volunteering. (Through a government agency, that is.)

Inquiring minds want to know: While Obama spends the majority of his time doing press conferences, town hall meetings and government service announcements, in between vacations and highly publicized jaunts to foreign countries, who’s actually running the store?

Who is writing the speeches that Obama is so skilled in delivering? Who is formulating the policy Obama is so masterfully promoting? Who is handling the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Who is handling the economy? And when, exactly, does our President find the time to run the affairs of state when it appears the majority of his time is spent in front of cameras?

Glenn Beck of Fox News is the only journalist asking these questions. And the answers he is finding are alarming. All this week, Beck is investigating the unelected, unaccountable ‘czars’- the ultra-radical individuals Obama has placed in every segment of the federal government.

These czars have carte blanche to implement policy. They have the enforcement power of the federal government but none of the oversight or accountability. And, unreported by the old media, these ‘czars’ are pushing America down a path towards one world government and outright socialism. (Or fascism, since fascism includes a charismatic leader.)

Van Jones – Green Jobs Czar:

Van Jones has admitted a “commitment to Marxist policies”. He is a self-proclaimed revolutionary communist and, in his words, he is dedicated to “mobilizing young people into militant action.” Van Jones is a board member of the Apollo Alliance which helped write the stimulus bill. Now he has the power to determine where $500 million of our tax dollars he ‘smuggled’ into the stimulus bill will go.

John Holdren – Science Czar:

Holdren looks on forced abortions and sterilization as legitimate population control measures. He points out that there is no mention in the Constitution of the right to have any number of children. As in – no right to reproduce, ostensibly without the approval of the federal government.

Cass Sunstein – Regulatory Czar:

This loon actually proposed a ban on hunting and eating meat. Sunstein is in favor of dogs being allowed attorneys. Oh, and he is an ardent believer in taxes, saying, “without taxes there would be no liberty”. He also believes that there is “no liberty without dependency.”  Huh?

Ezekiel Emanuel – Health Care Advisor:

Ezekial quantifies life depending on age. In other words, a baby isn’t a baby until it has received two years of care and feeding. Emanuel thinks we need to ration basic, guaranteed care to only those who can fully participate in society. According to him, a teenager has the same value as 17 elderly people. This guy actually believes the ‘the greater good’ should trump the Hippocratic Oath.

Carol Browner – Global Warming Czar:

Carol has her work cut out for her. Her job is to achieve her stated goal of global governance, using the non-crisis of ‘global warming’. And she has the vast power and influence of the EPA to do it.

Mark Lloyd – FCC Diversity Czar:

In Mr. Lloyd’s own words: “It should be clear my focus is not on freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a distraction.” Under the rubric of diversity, this czar proposes to do away with private ownership of media. Oh, and he is also a big fan of left-wing thug dictator, Hugo Chavez.

These are just a few of the guys whispering into Obama’s ears. These radicals are the ones in charge of formulating policy, regulations and dictates. And they all have several things in common. They share our President’s view of America as an evil oppressor, they are all anti-capitalist and they are all determined to sieze power through unconstitutional means. By fiat, instead of by votes.

The policies they are proposing to Obama are all uniformly designed to shift power away from the individual and to the federal government. Despite the fact that our founding fathers voted down (several times) a strong and all powerful federal government. This is the ‘change’ Obama is dedicated to implementing. Scared yet?

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