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Are you pro-life? A majority of us are now apparently willing to describe ourselves that way in this country. If that is so, then you really need to heed the words and spread the facts I will discuss here. This is something we have to inform people about (because, after all, the Main Stream Media has uttered not a word). There is an alarming pattern developing in the TYPE of person Obama is appointing as his “Czars”. [Glenn Beck, to his credit, has done a lot this week to inform us about who these people are.]

Obama has made noises about “dialogue” with us but actions and associations speak – in this case, scream – louder than mere words.

First of all, even many Democrats are wondering why so very many czars [34? “more than the Romanovs” in Russia] are being appointed and why the extent of their power and the use of our tax dollars are beyond scrutiny; is it constitutional? There had been only a handful of them before in our history. It smacks of ‘shadow government’. (Perhaps, radicals know Americans would not go along with their plans if they were plainly stated.)

But something worries me most of all: the views that these unassailable appointees have expressed on human life. The main point is that many of them seem to be not just standard “liberals” on life issues. Some liberals might actually be authentically described as “pro-choice”, sincerely though ignorantly supporting what they don’t understand. This is not true of these friends of Obama; they are not just ‘fellow travelers’ or dupes of the Far Left Marxists. No, they ARE the Far Left Marxists!

{There are many places to investigate all of this. Look for yourself. Here is an example. Start there and keep on looking.}

Let us peruse a few of Obama’s appointees:


1. Van Jones

Mr. Jones has been appointed “Green Job” Czar. His radical connections are too myriad to count. Suffice it to say he calls himself a Communist (of the ‘Maoist’ variety) and a “rowdy Black nationalist”. He was a member of STORM, a radical group indeed. His lack of respect for life in general and willingness to take extreme measures reminds me of Bill Ayers’ rants about re-education.


2. John Holdren

Holdren is the new “Science Czar”. He remains a proponent of the discredited theories of Paul Erlich (who in his book, “The Population Bomb”, has given us one of the most stupendously failed attempts at prediction in history). These are among his anti-life pronouncements:

– babies are not human until they’re socialized and may be killed if needed

– we should have a planetary regime to force abortions and sterilizations

– sterilizing agents should be put into the drinking water of the population


3. Ezekiel Emmanuel M.D.

The brother of Rahm Emmanuel, he is Obama’s “Health Policy Adviser”, the moving force behind Obama’s supposedly benign Health Care Plan. In his own writings, he supports “Social Value Allocation”, which, when you get beyond the euphemistic language, advocates radical anti-life ideas, including infanticide, forced abortion and many hints at euthanasia.

Cass Sunstein

4. Cass Sunstein

He is the new “Regulatory Czar”. Following a pattern present among many of these people, he is, like Professor Peter Singer, a radical animal rights supporter. This view sees absolutely no uniqueness or value in human life as opposed to animals. He has proposed giving animals the right to sue! What about unborn and newborn humans, I wonder?

I suppose I could go on, but I’m not writing a research paper here. I just want to wake up as many as possible about this pattern. Let us send appreciation to the Democrats who are trying to challenge the constitutionality of these Czars or any who might do so. Send emails to as many people as you can to let them know this information. Above all, I think this should put to rest, once and for all, any tendency to want to buy ANY part of this horrible HR3200 or any other version of “health care reform”. If they insist on ramming this down our unwilling throats in whatever form, we can reasonably surmise that it is merely a wedge to gain the radical anti-life goals of those who wrote, influenced and promoted the monstrosity. Keep on working. We cannot let up. As our Founding Fathers knew, such work is its own reward and also beckons the blessings of Providence.


Here are some links to start with:

Nat Hentoff expresses his fears about life:

Van Jones, Newsbusters

FoxNews, Holdren, forced abortions and sterilization

Zeke Emmanuel


Glenn Beck has a segment this week called “Know Your Czars”!

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