Posted by Scott Malensek on 24 August, 2009 at 6:52 pm. Be the first to comment!


Looks like even The Washington Post realizes that Obama (ergo Rahm Emanuel)’s little national security political game isn’t worth it. The WaPo has 6 more reasons-in addition to the ones I listed-for not using this desperate propaganda ploy.

Sadly the last reason the WaPo gives is the one that is most likely to fall on the deaf ears of “open-minded” leftist liberal elites who are still shaking w 8yrs of Bush-hate.

Sixth, President Obama has decisively changed the policies that caused so much damage. He recognizes that it is vital to our security to have an effective intelligence community that is not distracted by looking backward and coping with congressional investigations and grand jury subpoenas.

Gimme a break. This is like expecting Obama supporters to really give up “the divisive politics of old”…oh wait, sorry…it’s Obama’s Admin doing that now isn’t it. Guess The Leader’s own Admin can’t follow his calls for unity any better than his faux followers can.

One has to wonder though, “what’s next?” Perhaps the DOJ will investigate the Bush Admin’s possible violations of FISA laws? Yeah, I know Obama’s doing it to, but….why not?

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