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There’s just no other way to look at it. President Obama is fleeing Washington D.C., and with good reason! Now, we could easily list the issues of the day and how he’s screwed up on each and every one, but that ignores the bigger, strategic problem he has: After 3 years of campaigning (of which he continues even after being elected), people are finally discovering Barack Obama’s lack of substance.

Whether one describes that as inexperience, amateur, inept, as sizzle without steak, or as something else, the core argument against a President Obama has always been that he was making promises he can’t keep; he was opposing w/out proposing real solutions. That’s been the principle tactic for Democrats and the left since November 2000 when Al Gore lost the election. They have opposed rabidly without proposing real solutions, and this week will go down in history as the week that tactic unraveled.

Democrats, independents, swing voters all should have realized this in 2006 when the DNC made all kinds of promises, but took power and provided only excuses. It should have been realized in 2008 when Obama was elected, and began the “I inherited” excuse (conveniently ignoring that anything he inherited…he inherited from a Democratic Congress that included HIMSELF!). People should have realized it when Democrats got their supermajority and STILL couldn’t get stuff done. Now, the healthcare debate seems to have pushed Americans over the edge.

He wasn’t able to get a bill put together before the August recess (despite having promised to have a bill ready for the past 3years). This led to multiple draft bills that were HUGELY plagued with flaws-flaws that made many Americans ask questions. Rather than address those questions, the DC Democrats imploded. Many tried to sell yet another conspiracy theory that all opposition was really a vast right wing conspiracy put forth by covert Republican operatives. Moderate Democrats (with their jobs in jeopardy) tried to listen to the American people, tried to act in a bi-partisan fashion, tried to listen to Pres. Obama’s thug, Rahm Emanuel, tried to listen to their party bosses, and tried to appease the far left of the party. They were pulled in every political direction possible, and so they failed them all.

The left lost hope
The moderates gave up
The independent-minded swing voters who had been ostracized, called names, mocked, and otherwise insulted….left the support base
Then the far left started to leave the support base
Finally, even the far left started seeing the campaign lies, and began to question The One

…and do you know what happens when a Democrat President loses his base, loses moderates, and loses swing voters? He loses most of the nation.

Scapegoating Republicans isn’t doing the trick anymore either. The American people elected Democrats to a supermajority based on the pipedream/excuse that if Dems had total, unchecked power they could actually get something done. They can’t. The Congressional leaders are too far to the left to even allow bi-partisanship on most issues (most never even get offered or brought to Republicans in the House for consulting), but they also lack the will and the power to try to get things done. Moderate Democrats see that most Americans are tired of bailouts, spending trillions, and of broken campaign promises, and so they don’t dare side with the far left and against their constituents. Meanwhile, the Obama Admin is trying to sell reforms that 1) haven’t been finished compiling and 2) haven’t even been read by the Admin! In that light, the Republicans have finally called the scapegoat bluff. This puts the onus for getting healthcare reform (or anything for that matter) squarely on the Democrats and the President…who can’t do anything. They can oppose things, but they’ve never even been able to propose things let alone get something done.

…and so it is that the American people no longer support President Obama. The American people no longer favor Democrats. The American people no longer believe the lies.

The real danger for Democrats, however, isn’t just in losing power next year. The real danger is that their years of broken promises, lies, and distortions will be questioned. If independent thinking swing voters do that….forgiveness (power) might be long in coming back.

Meanwhile, President Obama and a deeply divided Democratic Party have a lot to do, and no excuses left for not doing things. Republicans lost control of Congress because of a $400bn deficit, but Democrats will have to try and hold on to Congress next year with a deficit that is already 5x as large, and likely to be 15x as large by the time of the midterms.

Healthcare is a dead duck. If they do reform with a single-payer government position that the American people don’t want, then Democrats and the President lose power next year. If they DON’T include that provision, then the left (which is already apathetic and angry) will not defend their Congressman next year leading to the same result. If they change the subject (as in the past) to Bush Admin scapegoating, then they have to explain why the Obama Admin is
doing renditions
facing charges of torturing detainees

hasn’t closed Gitmo
backs the Bush Admin FISA/warrantless wiretapping bit
oh…and why Obama’s CIA Director lied about previous operations

Oh, and did I mention that Obama and Dems will have to explain why tens of thousands of troops are in Iraq when the midterms come around and it’s months past his 16-month withdrawal pledge? Or could we talk about how he half-assed a surge in Afghanistan, how Obama and Dems are waging an illegal, unauthorized war in Pakistan with the result being thousands of civilians dead and millions fleeing the region? Perhaps we might ask (on September 24th) if the President thinks his open-handed diplomacy with Iran is working (he pledged to make that decision at the coming G20 Summit), and if it’s not…will he go back to the Bush doctrine?

Then there’s the half a million jobs lost every month since he took office, the trillion dollar stimulus plan that was supposed to keep unemployment in the 7% range, but somehow unemployment is near 20% in some states, and averaging almost 10% in the nation.

This all leaves us all-Democrat, Republican, independent, Obama supporters and opposition-with one question above all:
“How’re those approval ratings/power gonna come back up?”

Unless Obama and Democrats can put a trophy over their fireplace very soon, the American people will continue to lose support for him, and it’s not like it’s Republicans who are no longer supporting Obama and the Dems. It’s Dems and independents who are no longer supporting the DNC.

To quote the Americans who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, who Obama and Dems “supported” but who’s success they opposed…


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