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Our founding fathers had a profound understanding of the importance for the citizenry to “keep and bear arms.” Without this right, America would never have become an independent nation. Along with troops of trained soldiers, many private citizens, armed with their squirrel guns, stood up to British tyranny.

Just as the US was born of the firearm, so it grew. Settlers depended on their guns to protect their families and to procure food. Westward expansion would never have been possible without armed pioneers. Private ownership of guns is an integral part of our heritage, and one that has not diminished with the passage of time.

Today, as in the past, gun ownership is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Modern police forces and the branches of the military have not erased or negated our need and desire to bear arms. Many law-abiding citizens feel safe in the knowledge that they can offer adequate protection for themselves and for their families in these uncertain times. In fact, our need to be personally armed might be even more necessary today.

Hunting is also part of our legacy. Stalking and killing wild game is ingrained in many of us. Putting food on the table that was harvested by our own efforts and cunning skill provides the ultimate sense of freedom and independence. It’s true Americana and all but impossible without the Second Amendment.

Who knows what the future holds for America? Our economic foundation is quickly crumbling, and whispers of political unrest are rumbling across the land. Food shortages, riots, and domestic and international terrorism could ensue. If and when that happens, it will be the well armed citizens who survive – the ones who can hunt and kill their own meat and who can protect their food and other belongings from those who would take it.

The Second Amendment will always be held dear by a huge number of Americans. It’s in our blood. It’s part of our independent spirit. It’s part of what makes us Americans.

Curt adds – holle abee wrote the above essay and submitted in the earlier RangerUp 2nd Amendment T-Shirt contest…and won. Congrats on a great essay.

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